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Video Biography For Individuals, Families And Businesses

By Karina Frost

Prominent people have often resulted to use biographies to tell their story of how they were born, grew up and lived. Mostly, a biography is written by the person while they are alive. In other cases, they are written by another person. Biographies have been in form of books for a long time. In recent times however, video biography is often used.

People tell their stories through video documentation in video biographies. These stories may include certain aspects of their lives or careers and other major experiences or events. Use of recorded biographies is important as it offers convenience and accessibility. Similarly to books-form biographies, those that are in record form may be auto authored or authored by a different person. In this case, recorded biographies of Isaac Newton and others who lived before this technological era are available.

In the process of understanding our history, we come across scattered and incomplete information regarding our past. Mostly, we often look up to our grandparents for stories. In other cases, there are old photos which however may not be dated. Journals and diaries or home movies left behind by others are also used. Due to the shortcoming of these options, video is the best way to document history.

When seeking to create a personal documentary, the process begins by choosing a company that is able to offer these services. Individuals and families and sometimes businesses all have their own packages. Interview sessions vary in length but most are up to two hours long. When recording is complete, editing has to be done to remove unnecessary information such as pauses and repetition. It can also be customized depending on what you prefer.

Histories of family are very crucial for the current and future generations. They offer the generations in future an understanding of where they have come from and the values their ancestors stood for. For this reason, biographies made for the family have interviews from every one in the family as well as their photographs capturing highs and lows of their lives.

Individuals may also choose to create their own personal documentary. This is perhaps to tell their story from their own point of view. Stories of career, love and war for veterans may be told. Recording personal stories is used for references in future as well as for gifts to close people and friends. The records may also be kept for the generations in future or even sold for money.

Businesses are also not to be left out in documenting their stories. These stories may be milestones such as launching of new products, expansion and even relocation to a new city. It may also be for the employees to tell their experiences at the company through out its existence. After recording, they are archived for use by the company in future as a memoir and to remind them of their history and achievements across the years.

The length and complexity of the documentary determines the price. If travel is included the price may even go higher. This should not however deter you as there are options for low budgets. DVDs that last long are used to store the documentaries. Whichever story you want to tell, choose an expert to record it.

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