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Tips In Writing A Good Sci Fi Horror Novel Review

By Estelle Larsen

People who have a desire to write should consider writing a book review. These are write ups that other individuals will want to read to help them decide what book they will borrow from the library or buy from the bookstore. If you do a review, you can write in specific genre such as sci fi horror and the likes. Here are tips that will allow you to write a good review.

First, it is vital that you write a good synopsis of the review you are making. Do not just copy and paste the teaser that you can find at the back of the novel. It is preferable for you to make your own teaser. The synopsis does not have to be detailed. It should just contain the information on the book's basic plot.

Reviewing the chosen book might tempt you to give out as much information as you can but that should not happen. Do not ever spoil the fun of the story by stating what the ending will be like or what the plot twist is. You got to let your readers feel that excitement. When reviewing, decide the information that you can and cannot include.

Every story has key characters. You have to talk about them when you are writing the review. For the key characters, you have to give them a run down regarding their motivations in the story, their unique quirks, as well as the importance they have in the story. The review will be made interesting if you work out their connections too.

The book should have an importance in the literary art world. It can be that this book has something to say about the current society or that it picks on the human conditions. If you find these hidden meanings, then you should learn how to break them down for the sake of the readers who are interested in reading the said book.

It will help if you can keep your balance when you are reviewing. Avoid being overly negative or exaggeratedly positive when you are writing the review. Such reviews such. If you bash the writer of the story, you will just come off as a villain. If you are to enthusiastic about it, it can mean bias.

Questions can also be used in the said reviews. You should consider asking questions that are relevant to the story. You simply have to watch those things that can pique the interest of the readers and convert them into questions. When you do that, you will get the readers more interested in the book you are writing a review for.

Provide a few links to offer the readers an opportunity to learn more about the said story. It can be a link to the ebook of the story, to the author's site, or to a site selling the said book. If you include a link, the basic rule you have to follow is that it should be working and that it is relevant.

Having your own quirks and flair in your writing is good. It will allow you to write a review that is distinctively yours. You can then set yourself apart from others. Your review will be more memorable if you add your own flavor into it.

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