jeudi 12 septembre 2013

A Party Is A Blast With A Mechanical Bull In Dallas

By Harry Morris

Summer is in the air, it is time to have some fun with family and friends. Picnics, camping and parties are common summer activities. Why don't you try something new to do this summer? You can actually provide a unique kind of wholesome fun this and adventure this summer. With a mechanical bull ride at your next event, you will surely have a blast!

And don't worry that mechanical bulls aren't safe. They've come a long way from the bull that was shown in "Urban Cowboy". Not only are they safe, but they're actually a lot more exciting.

Mechanical Bulls (or bucking machines) aren't just for adults either. Children as young as five years old can enjoy a riding a bull. But don't think that makes it too easy for that "wannabe' cowboy. He'll get a wild ride himself...and it's very likely he'll be thrown off quicker than he thinks!

The trick to a safe ride is really the right operator. You will want an operator at your event who pays close attention to what is going and one who tries to offer a GREAT ride. Not just someone who wants to throw the participant off as quickly as possible and move on to the next rider.

Mechanical Bull manufacturers can be found anywhere and anytime, but you need to know more about mechanical bulls before looking for a contact to buy a mechanical rodeo bull.

* An operator or attendant should be part of the package

* Make sure the bull is a multiride unit and not a hydraulic unit. The multiride units are easier to control in terms of safety.

* Look for a mechanical bull with a safety switch. The function of the safety switch primarily stops the mechanical bull when the rider also falls. This is the best way to avoid injuries. A hydraulic bull, on the other hand does not stop automatically, a highly threatening experience for any rider.

* You want an inflatable mat, not just a pile of straw.

* Last but not least....make sure your mechanical bull provider is FULLY insured by a reputable underwriter.

When you are still on the planning stage, anticipate how you will handle riders who insist on riding all the time not thinking of others who are also waiting for their turn. You have to control this scenario and make sure everyone had the chance to ride.

Another great thing to do this summer is to make a themed party. You can think of many things like throw an interactive shooting game, a cowboy game, a themed western event that will wow the guests. The mechanical bull rides can be the highlight of the themed party! The possibilities are great! You can be creative and innovative enough to stir your imagination. Always do something new and exciting every year. It is definitely time to party in Dallas with a mechanical bull ride.

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