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Watch The Best African Comedy Movies

By Cecile Ingram

There are plenty of hilarious African comedy movies to see. No Surrender centers on a retired soldier who will stop at nothing to thwart trouble makers. The problem is that most people fear him and so he is allowed to get away with his own bad actions. He gets married to his younger brother's widow against her wishes. He wants to make her into the perfect wife. Nkem Owoh is the star of the film.

Return Of Aku and Popo Sisters features Osita Iheme and Chindu Ekedieze. It centers on Erente who protects himself and his fellow villagers using special powers. Aki and Popo are looking to create a better relationship with him but they're not sure how without starting trouble. There is a sequel to this film too.

Victor Osuagwu, Charles Inojie and Charles Awurum star in Suicide Bombers. It's a story which shows how far people will go to get themselves out of poverty. There was a sequel which featured the same cast and a related film was made with the title of Lost Bomb. Many believe them to be among the funniest pictures ever made in Africa.

Crime Crisis is about a bus driver called Ishmael, who believes that Nigeria needs to re-invent itself in order for things to improve in the country. However, instead of changing of things, he spends most of his time arguing with passengers who leave trash on the road. He gets thrown in jail because he keeps fighting police officers who he thinks are not doing a good job. It stars John Okafor and Charles Awurum.

Holy Life centers on Akiki, who is very fussy when it comes to girls. He constantly rejects the ones who are offered to him. He exploits the tradition of the first born getting married before his younger siblings by extorting money from his brother. Akiki tells him he's going to use it for a wedding. Eventually, the younger brother gets married but Akiki cannot accept it and a family feud begins.

Nkem Owoh stars in Old Fools. It's about a family who refuse to compromise with each other and so trouble begins. However, certain secrets are revealed which means one group gains dominance over the other. It has been advertised as a must see movie. There is a sequel to it too.

Village Rascals is the story of Aki and Popo who are always in trouble. One day however, they go over the top when they steal a masque and sell it to some tourists. They enjoy their ill gotten gains. The masque however, had been protecting the villagers for several centuries and the gods now want to punish the tourists.

Shattered Mirror is one of the most well known African comedy movies. It's centers on a man who gets abused verbally by his father because he cannot find a job. After a while, he becomes depressed because of his impoverishment and lack of opportunities. Soon, he gets involved with a secret cult. His father realizes how far he has pushed his son and now regrets it.

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