jeudi 26 septembre 2013

Any Number Of Things Could Be Created By A Fused Glass Artist

By Marla Mills

Artwork made from fused glass is as popular as ever, and many individuals enjoy displaying it in their homes. A fused glass artist might create a wide array of objects, from lamps to candy dishes to glass sculptures. Whether one is looking for a useful item for the home, or a piece of artwork to exhibit, the options are profuse.

An individual who searches online for unique molded objects could be astounded by the profusion there is to view. People who like stained glass may well enjoy a colorful peacock which serves to ornament a kitchen window. In addition to the multiple segments the peacock comprises, various other fragments surround and complement the glass creature. Sunlight is filtered through its wings, creating an effect that is memorable.

Another purely ornamental piece is a silvery tree with willowy branches. The piece appears to be dark gray at its base, with branches of a lighter shade of gray that become silver at their tips. Such an item could be ideal for an individual whose interior design preferences include sleek furniture and plenty of open space.

A sculpture woven with molded strips in bright colors could be the perfect choice for someone who enjoys vibrant hues. The object appears to be an elegant basket, with strips of purple and pink intertwined with those of green and red. The piece would be a lovely adornment for an office or home, but it could also be utilized as a vase.

Ornaments for a wide range of special occasions or holidays may be obtained, too. Seasonal fir trees made from sculpted material might be suspended on a wall or placed on a desk. An object shaped to look like a birthday cake with candles could be an ideal gift for almost any person. A pair of purple hearts might be a romantic gift for a wedding anniversary.

An abundance of objects that serve various purposes is also available. Beverage coasters are always useful gifts for people who entertain guests on a regular basis. A set of such coasters, edged in elegantly molded material, can be purchased for newlyweds, college graduates, and retirees. A sculpted dish could hold candy, nuts, paper clips, dog snacks, or cotton swabs. Freshly cut flowers may be contained in an exquisitely molded vase. Glass lamps and chandeliers are used in countless homes, and they are made in any number of unique styles.

Jewelry made from previously molten material might be worn to various special events, such as a charity function, a work party, or a family reunion. Innumerable pieces can be explored, including earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets. Examples of such items could include a pendant in brilliant gold and orange hues, a bracelet of numerous beads, or a ring with shiny speckles of green and blue.

There appears to be an array of endless options, in regard to the things a fused glass artist can create. People who want household items that are both visually appealing and useful have plenty to consider. Those who seek artwork made from the molded material may discover an extensive selection worth browsing, as well.

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