dimanche 29 septembre 2013

How To Relay The Funniest Stories To Your Audience

By Paulette Short

If you have a story that you find funny and you want to share the tale with others, think carefully about both the content and the storyline as well as how you might present it to other people. While you may find the story keeps you laughing and you may think it is one of the absolute funniest stories you have ever heard, to ensure that other people get the same pleasure out of the story, you should give the story some thought before you begin telling it to others.

When you start telling the tale to others in your audience, consider the sound of your voice as well as the facial expressions your are conveying to the people you are talking too. You want to be sure not to give up too much information about your story too fast through body language or some of your audience members may find the story is spoiled for them before it has come to the end.

Change the tone of your voice frequently throughout the narration according to what is happening in the tale that is being told. Keeping your audience guessing by changing your tone can make the funny parts of the tale even more thrilling for an audience when they are unaware of what is to come.

Along with the importance of tone, it is also very important that you speak at a level that everyone in the crowd is able to hear you well. Regardless of crowd size, everyone in the room should be able to listen to the tale clearly. If everyone is unable to hear what you are saying during the narration they may not understand the full meaning of the story or why it is meant to be funny.

Take your time when you are telling a story, this will allow the people who are listening to your tale to absorb the words you are telling them. Some people will practice adding pauses in their story to allow the climax to build for their audience. While adding pauses throughout your tale can help, do not pause too often or you may lessen the attention span of some of your audience members.

While it might sound a bit silly to practice how to tell a story to an audience, it can actually be very helpful. The more you practice how to present yourself to an audience, the more likely you are going to succeed in getting your words across the way you intend them.

Ask people you know to help you practice by being an audience for you. You will be able to judge how your practice audience feels about how you're presenting your tale by how they react to what they hear. You may even want to ask them how they feel about your story telling skills.

While there are some folks that are very easily amused, others will be a lot harder to make smile or laugh. To give your crowd the funniest stories possible, take the time to practice until you're confident you are able to convey the story the way you want.

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