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Choosing Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions

By Dawn Williams

Weaves or hairpieces can be beautiful as well as natural looking. Those that are applied with care, are professionally done, and the tresses are smooth and silky are a great thing to show off. For these reasons, virgin Brazilian hair extensions are becoming a preference for those who like to wear weaves and or have longer hair.

For some time, getting a weave that looks great without being bulky or stiff looking has been a challenge for those who are not rich. While some may be able to afford frequent trips to the salon or buy special products to keep their tresses maintained, this does not work for everybody. The good news is that someone did discover a solution to natural looking tresses that required little maintenance on its own.

One problem for wearers is care of their own locks as well as the product. When one is tended to, the other may suffer, which is not only a waste of money but can cause damage. The results may be ruined extensions or the natural hair is brittle and is prone to breakage.

Care depends mostly on the condition of the users hair type. If the person has an extremely oily scalp, they should use a dry, or powder, shampoo for their roots. Washings should be done at least once every other week, using a mild shampoo. Instead of doing a rapid shampoo where the everything is washed at once and rubbed vigorously, working the extensions slowly from the scalp to the ends is recommended.

Every wash should be followed up with a light conditioner and deep conditioning should be done at least once a month. If the tresses are dry or colored, deep conditioning can be done every other week. Be certain to wash out all hair products with every shampoo so there is no buildup, which can damage the scalp underneath.

When drying, it is best to blot with a thick towel. Air drying is best to maintain its natural wave pattern. However, if the natural locks are thick or the user does not want to leave home with a wet scalp, they can set their hand dryer on low with special attention to certain areas.

A wide tooth comb may be used to comb hair but others like to use a hair extension loop brush. As there are different application techniques used to apply these, wearers may want to separate their locks into small parts and use the comb or brush carefully. This is also the best time to treat a dry scalp with a light oil or moisturizer.

When it comes to styling, curling or flat irons should be used with caution as once the hair is straightened, the wave pattern cannot be reversed. There are many ways to apply extensions and the bond, adhesive method requires a different type of care that is normally found on the packaging. Anyone who is unsure about whether they should get this done or try certain techniques should consult a cosmetologist. They should be able to analyze the condition of the hair, which should be healthy in order to get the most out of virgin Brazilian hair extensions.

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