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Tips For Choosing A Reliable Calligraphy Artist

By Dawn Williams

Hiring a calligrapher can be challenging at times, especially if you have never done it before. It even becomes more difficult when you do not have anyone you can ask for referrals. However, this should not worry you. Below are essential tips that can help you get any calligraphy artist.

Present you style. As is applicable in other forms of art, you have to decide what you want before going to the professional. You can also have an idea that they can help you develop. This will help you meet your expectations as opposed to working on a totally strange idea.

Check the training of the individual. One does not need any degree to become an expert calligrapher. There are many experts who have learned the art through apprenticeship. Therefore, one may not have any papers at all as proof. However, do not hesitate to ask how and where they were trained.

Consider experience as well. There are many amateurs out there. Some individuals are also good at the art, but they only practice it as a hobby. This means they have not invested much money in buying materials or even at learning new skills. It is good to know whether they are professionals so that you can place you expectations at the right place.

Ask for references. A good artist would not be afraid to give you at least three contacts of past clients. This is an indication that they are confident of the quality of work they can produce and they also know that their customers were satisfied. It is also good to ask the clients if they were treated in a professional manner.

Visit the studio if they have one. Most artists have a place where they display their work. This will give you an opportunity to see what they have worked on before. Do not go for someone who claims to be a professional, yet he/she do not have even a single piece of work they can show you.

Get assurance of quality. There are many computer programs that can help you produce calligraphy from the comfort of your home. Therefore, when you are going to a professional, you would want them to use freehand. This will make the work unique. Do not hesitate to ask them the tools they use. It is also important to ensure that they have the right equipment.

Ensure that you get good value. Customized cards are always kept by many people well after their use has passed. If you are designing wedding cards, for example, you may decide to give them a luxurious or ancient touch by simple freehand strokes. This will give them a unique identify and make your event memorable.

Ensure the professional can deliver the job in good time. If this is their part time job, then you may have problems, especially if you do not have much time. However, you must also understand that they are using their freehand, which definitely requires more time opposed to a machine.

Price is also a very important consideration when selecting a calligraphy artist. Discuss your budget in advance and the pieces you need. You can also ask for a discount.

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