mardi 17 septembre 2013

Discover Ways To Keep Your Artwork Safe While Relocating

By Sharonne Penickata

Planning your move can be quite a major headache. If you are planning everything correctly, you can manage to get your moving estimates all taken care of in the required time for your move. But the one household object that individuals often just forget about until the last minute is also among the hardest to pack: hanging wall art. These artistic products decorating the walls around your home can be a true pain to pack and move properly.

To start your packing of those items, you will first need to find boxes big enough to move them in. Locating a box that's tall enough, but not so thick as to need a lot of extra padding, can be quite a challenge. The boxes that often are available in stores are a great way to pack averaged size art pieces. These rectangular boxes offer you room to stuff padding across the artwork so that the frame does not get damaged either.

Protecting your artwork can be tough too. Property owners often feel that their photos and artwork must be wrapped in expensive bubble wrap in order to keep them safe. This isn't the situation. Before you place the artwork in the box, take a moment to wrap it up nicely in a blanket or a handful of towels. Wrap every one of the corners as well as the back, so you can't see the artwork. When this is done, tape the towels in place and slide the art into the box.

This enables you not only to keep your artwork safe, but allows you to pack blankets and towels at the same time. The layers of cloth will keep the paintings within the box from rubbing against one another, in addition to protect the frame from the bumps and bangs that may happen in the moving truck. Artwork wrapped in bubble wrap frequently pops the bubbles at the corners. Once those bubbles pop, there's nothing to safeguard those corners from the damage the box may take.

Distinctly label your artwork as art pieces. Position the box in an upright position, with arrows pointing upward as well. Mark the box as fragile in bright, bold letters. If you don't take these steps, your art will finish up on its side or laying flat on the moving truck with other boxes piled over it. An excessive amount of weight on top of this box could easily crush the glass within the frames and damage the art, therefore it must be marked as top load.

Despite what national moving companies you may be considering, make sure that the box along with your artwork has been properly packed and marked. Without taking these precautions, your artwork could easily become damaged throughout the move. But when you are taking enough time to plan everything out and ensure that the artwork is packed away safely and effectively, then you should have no issues hanging it on the wall again whenever you reach your location.

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