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Some Information On Fawn Rogers Artist

By Dawn Williams

Miss Fawn Rogers Artist is known for her very soothing and beautiful style when it comes to imagery and fine arts photography. The thing about miss Rogers is that her style is very different from other artists and her execution of her style is very unique as well. So for those who are in the world of fine arts, knowing more about this person is definitely going to serve as an inspiration.

Now before she was able to get such inspiration for her work, she was suffering from a state of depression which dragged her life down. Eventually, she decided to visit a Buddhist temple in Thailand that was supposed to help clear confused minds and negativity. She was hoping that this was the therapy that she was looking for in order to fix her downer state.

The Buddhist monks taught her that meditation and leading a slow paced and simple life is the key to enlightenment. That is why for thirty days, she did nothing and just reflected upon her own life. It was through this type of meditation that she reached a higher level of understanding and therefore gained a lot of insights that would help her in her future.

When she had finished her thirty days of meditation, she then started dreaming about moving neon lights of different colors. These dreams were actually the main reason as to why she became such a famous artist. She used these bold and sweeping colors in her work in order to make abstract art that is appealing and cooling to the eyes of any person who will see it.

When she got back from her trip from Thailand, she decided to visit houses all around Los Angeles to see how her art will be able to make these houses more beautiful. What she noticed was that all of these houses were lacking color and were actually quite gloomy or not very bright that actually gave the place quite a sad feeling which is the main reason as to why she decided to share her life.

Her most well known projects were known as the Visible Light Series and the Garden Light Series. The more popular of the two which is the Visible Light Series, is the one that really made it big with the people because its design is so energetic and bright. At the same time, it is very cooling to the eyes because of the combination of all the colors.

The Garden Light Series is not as popular as the first but it is also quite a big hit among people who love beautiful designs. The Garden Light Series represents the beauty of nature through the designs of the abstract art of Miss Rogers. That is why collections for the Garden Light Series actually go very well along plants and nature inspired designs.

Miss Fawn Rogers Artist is a very amazing person who was able to turn her life around and make a name for herself. Not only is she an accomplished artist, but she is also an inspirational figure. She is definitely a person that many individuals may look up to.

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