jeudi 19 septembre 2013

Tips On How To Share Pictures Online Safely

By Dawn Williams

Technology is much integrated in people's lives today. You can find various technological applications that are already part of people's daily tasks, work, and practices. Technology has also changed greatly how people interact, socialize, and communicate. Various gadgets can already be used for these things. You can use social media networks for communicating, socializing, and meeting new people. You can express your emotions, find information, and show personal stuffs through these sites too. You can also share Portland pictures with them. When you post your photos online, you should be really careful. You should do means to protect your photos, privacy, and personal information. Learn then some tips for this.

Privacy settings should be first evaluated. This is something that you should not take for granted. The people who may view the photos you post should be controlled. The settings can give you a wide array of options. These options allow one to have their photos viewable to the public for instance. The viewing option can also be restricted to only specific groups of people. These controls prevent you from posting photos that are too private and not fit to be shared to the entire web.

You should also ensure that your photos would not have geotags. Many photos you post can actually carry map locations. It can be quite dangerous in some ways. When these photos would have location details, people would know where you are. They would know your home address, work address, or your child's school. It can be creepy when strangers would know these details. You should then do something to guard those locations.

The captions should also be placed with enough exercise of caution. Too much information may sometimes be revealed by the caption. People with evil intention may use the details that you share.

If you wish not to allow usage of your photos by other people, then be mindful of the copyrights and place limitations on it. When for example, the photos are posted in your blog, you should post also that photos should not be used in any way unless permission is obtained. The photos that can be used by all others should also be indicated in picture sharing sites. For photos you are okay with sharing, common license agreements can be granted.

The photos should also be watermarked. In photos that are viewable by a lot of people, this becomes even more imperative. Watermarking can be done through different means. You have the choice on where, how big, and what such watermark should be.

You should also ensure that you have backup copies of your photos. You never know when your photos can stay in these sites. There may be some unexpected circumstances that can lead you to lose your data.

Kids should also be taught about these things. Online safety details should be really be explained to these kids. More responsibility in the way they post their photos can then be achieved.

You should really use these tips. It would help you share Portland pictures safely. You can then express yourself, show your moments, and document events online without worries.

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