dimanche 8 septembre 2013

Home Security Solutions To Increase Safety

By Kenny Marcum

Most people want to feel safe and secure when in their homes. Unfortunately, break-ins occur on a daily basis no neighborhood is exempt. Home security solutions include installing burglar alarms to alert a monitoring company if the door's locks have been breeched.

Most of these systems allow the occupant to operate them in an armed or unarmed position. The unarmed position basically means the system is turned off. When armed, the unit is continually monitoring doors and windows for intruders. The system is switched from an armed position to an unarmed by entering a number into a keypad during the short delay after opening a door.

Windows and doors have trigger mechanisms attached to set off the alarm. When these trigger mechanisms are opened, a signal is sent. While businesses often add a level of protection by adding motion sensors, homes are often occupied when systems are armed. This makes the motion detector less useful, as the occupants could set off the alarm by walking across a room.

Systems are usually connected to a monitoring company that will contact the authorities if the system is set off. These companies receive alerts through a telephone, the internet or in other methods. Most units also sound a loud alarm at the house to notify occupants of a problem and to scare off any intruder. Some units are only designed to create the loud noise for local alerts and to scare away intruders.

Most systems are considered reliable. Some have a battery backup that allows them to continue providing protection in a power failure. While phone lines were once the primary way systems contacted the monitoring service, today, units may use the internet, cellular or other wireless technology.

If you are concerned about your safety inside your house, home security solutions can help. These systems can be configured to meet your particular needs. They reduce the chance of intruders stealing items or harming occupants of a house.

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