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Photo To Art Paints A Room With A View

By Jammie Mitchel

Discover truly unique fine art in customized paintings created from the collaboration of talented independent artists from around the globe and your favorite photograph. A gift of fine art with personal relevance gives new meaning to the warmth of home and the ambiance of an office. Photo to art raises amateur photography to frame worthy wall-hangings of your favorite view.

Since the beginnings of recorded history, paintings have chronicled and reflected everything from the miracles of ordinary life to innovations that define our changing world. Historians and scientists would be left with assumptions, were it not for the revelations drawn on cave walls or detailed, intimate painted scenes of past lifestyles.

The time-consuming and costly endeavors involved in sitting for a portrait today are left for heads of state and royalty. Technology simplifies the process of portraiture for the majority of fast-paced lifestyles and budget restrictions that define the rest of the population. Modern cameras give everyone the ability to snap a clear photograph with all the appeal that renders it a favorite. With a laptop in most homes, a snapshot can be edited to 'perfect' and then turned into a customized work of hand-painted, photo-realistic art with a click.

As beauty resides in the eye of the beholder, customized art is painted in a style preference chosen by the commissioner. Specifics related to size of an art piece and the mediums used to create it are selected by the individual commissioning the painting. A professional artist who specializes in that specific art style creates the painting by hand.

As a collaborative endeavor, the artistic eye of a discerning painter may notice subtleties in the chosen photograph where image editing would result in better aesthetic balance. In this event, the artist will communicate with the consumer by email or a phone conversation to exchange ideas and discuss the options to ensure both the artist and commissioner of a painting are on the same page for a finished product that results in a cohesive vision.

When the painter has completed the art work, a clear, focused photo of the original painting is emailed to the customer for viewing, critiquing and/or acceptance. At this stage, if changes and alterations are requested, they are discussed until fully understood and honored by the artist.

If modifications are desired, the revised painting will be emailed by the artist for review. Upon acceptance, the artist awaits final confirmation by email, after which, the delivery process is initiated. The final, approved, hand-painted portraiture is couriered using the specified, recommended procedures for transported artwork, which is rolled in waterproof wrap and recycled paper. Your vision of a personal masterpiece is signed, sealed and delivered in a span of three to five weeks.

Each photo to art masterpiece brings the best of both art forms to your favorite photograph. Profound depth creates three-dimensional life in a painting that is lost in the pixels of digital photography. Today, combining the uniqueness of talented painters with the unparalleled focus of modern photography, your room with a view holds the incomparable, lifelike magic of the people, pets and places you love.

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