lundi 16 septembre 2013

Puzzle Pirates Is A Fun, Free To Play Game

By Ethen Allen

You would have played many online multiplayer games with excellent graphics, challenging levels and splendid heroes and their powerful troops. Pirate games are the cool games where you would be playing role of a pirate leader, navigating your ship through the shady realms of endless seas. You would indulge in pillage by competing with other players. Of course, you would be having the seasoned crew and weaponry. But have you ever felt playing a brainy game than the usual boom-boom pirate games? If so, Puzzle Pirates is the right game for you. Being one of the best puzzle games being played online, Puzzle Pirates would offer the perfect thrill of playing a unique massive multiplayer online game.

Today there are many ipad game apps are available and if you are a lover of pirate games nothing would be as enticing as Puzzle Pirates. Sega owned gaming studio Three Rings Design who developed this game have announced the release of iPad version of their game on 20th of June 2013. Studio sources have informed that the game's apps for other versions of smartphones and tablets would be released shortly.

Three Rings Design CEO Daniel James, in his press statement, said that the depth of this rich MMOG game is a perfect match for the versatility and the speed of iPad. He also said that iPad is the great match which perfectly meets the depth of the game play of Puzzle Pirates. Puzzle Pirates is a free ipad game but also has the subscription package that allows the players to get more 'pieces of eight' and 'doubloons' that are essential to surge ahead the competitors.

In nutshell, Puzzle Pirates is a mix of present and new ideas which were woven together in a gracious and simple premise. The total concept of this game is not only interesting and inoffensive but also engaging for all age groups with its exciting puzzles. Players would have to sharpen their brains before plunging into the thick action. As pirates, players have to do many types of adventures like sailing, sword fighting, sea monster hunting and some shopping as well. Players can setup their own virtual shops, sell goods to other players and make quick bucks.

Like any game, initially you would be handheld by a virtual guide and thereafter you could be on your own to navigate yourself through the realms of puzzles and pillage.

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