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An Author And Wanderer Lindsay Merbaum

By Essie Osborn

Doing something that you like most makes you complete as a person. Even if it is a job or a personal hobby, it makes you happy. Lindsay Merbaum feels the same way when it comes to writing. She is one heck of an author whose passion for writing is burning. Once you read one of her works, you will be wanting to read her other works.

Lindsay is a famous fiction writer, editor and content creator. She got her Masters Degree, at the age of twenty four, in Brooklyn College, majoring in Fine Arts. She is also a free spirit wanderer, travelling in several places abroad. In the summer of 2012, she was awarded with a scholarship to attend the Disquiet International Literary Program in Lisbon, Portugal.

In the year 2005, she was honored to receive the Himan Brown Award for Fiction from Brooklyn College. Himan Brown was one of the most influential producers in radio history. A writing competition was held in the fall was open to all playwrights and fiction writers enrolled in the Brooklyn College Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Lindsay was one of the few pioneer winners of the First Himan Brown Awards in 2005.

The MFA program at Brooklyn College is a small, highly personal two year program than confers a Master of Fine Arts degree in fiction, poetry and playwriting. It offers seminars, workshops and one on one tutorials. It stresses the importance between faculty and student relationship.

Known as a famous writer, Lindsay is also a teacher by profession a few years back. She is fond of travelling and wants to gain more experience in teaching. She accepted the offer and taught in Quito, Ecuador as an English teacher.

She left Ecuador in 2010, and transferred to California. And started to write again. Some of her masterpieces were nominated in some award giving bodies for story writing like story South Award, and Best American Short stories series. Her works were featured in magazines like, The Gargoyle, Collagist, PANK and the Epiphany, to name a few.

She would rather be in the company of books, reading till the wee hours of the night, than socializing with people. She grew up in the East Coast with an interest of fictional books, since she was young. She considers herself a home buddy, who loves to cook, listen to jazz music, or studying literature. That is if she is not so hooked up in a story.

Lindsay now lives in San Francisco with her husband. She is currently working on a novel, The Wailing Room. The story revolves around Clytemnestra, a lovely and mysterious hotel employee with a dual identity. It also narrates three hotel guests grappling with painful secrets and revelations. The story depicts a portrait of a New York City hotel offering guests every possible luxury, along with complete privacy and anonymity.

The novels and short stories she makes are suspense thriller fictions. She finds it challenging and dark to write stories with the edgy, mysterious theme. She also writes stories that she found inspiration from her travels around the world. Writing will always be in her veins. She sees herself after two decades from now, still writing wonderful stories. She has plans to travel the world and discovering new things again. But, she just cannot put down the new novel she is creating right now.

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