vendredi 25 avril 2014

Franklin School & How It'll Soon Relate To Art

By Paula Hess

For those who live in Washington, DC, you must have seen the Franklin School at one point or another. It was made in 1869 and, since that time, it has become something of a landmark. Unfortunately, it does not have much of a purpose apart from its historical significance to the city but it seems like there is about to be new life breathed into the Franklin Building. For those who specialize in art as their career path, this news may be especially interesting to you.

Washington City Paper posted an article that talked about the Franklin School and how it will soon become the location of an art museum. The city announced that it would utilize the building in order to showcase many pieces of art, including but not including to, "contemporary art, sculpture, installations, and performances." It was also said that a restaurant and a cafe alike would be incorporated. What this means, at least to me, is that there will be more of a social element seen with the future museum in question.

From what I have seen, one of the most noteworthy aspects of this endeavor is that it will bring new life to the Franklin School. This is especially true, seeing as how the last purpose of the building in question was as a homeless shelter. It ended this level of activity in 2008, though was a move that was met with criticism in DC. Even still, the building remained unused after that, which means that it became nothing short of an inactive landmark in the city.

Of course, there's the idea of employment to consider with this upcoming museum as well. Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Victor Hoskins commented on the matter, saying that this could, "create new jobs and provide educational and mentoring programs." Those who hold an interest in art will probably be happy to know about this, as it is able to open up potential jobs for them to take up. What about those who specialize in retail, seeing as how the museum will not only hold an eatery but a bookstore as well?

No matter where one can go, it goes without saying that there will be, at least, a few buildings that are unoccupied. Whether a business has finally been closed down or not, it's apparent that the structures left behind can still be of use. Granted, the structures in question have to be steady and sturdy alike. Fortunately, the state of Washington recognized this and the construction of a new museum is underway. This should prove engaging for both residents and tourists alike.

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