mardi 22 avril 2014

How Fabiola Sicily Made It To The Top

By Essie Osborn

There are many challenges that face new artists as they try to make a breakthrough into their careers and into doing what they like. For one to make it to the top of Hollywood the journey is not necessarily smooth and everything does not come easy. Disappointments are a sure thing that you can expect to find along the way. Fabiola Sicily is one lady who has managed to get through this and make it to the top.

The young lady is in her early twenties and this puts her in a category of young successful Hollywood stars. Her father was a European and her mother an Indonesian. She was born in Indonesia and began acting at a very tender age while still there. She was very fond of acting, dancing and singing and the passion for this contributed to her success. She participated in all these activities during her school days. She continued to do so even in high school.

She then moved to California after completing her high school education. She did this mainly so that she could pursue acting as a professional career. Her family was very supportive to her and this even made her more determined to work harder and become successful. In California she searched for agencies so that she could get managed properly.

She first landed a role in the biographical movie Brando Unauthorized. The movie helped her gain recognition in this industry although the role she played was not a major one. Damian Chapa the director of the movie played a role as the great Brando. Sicily on her side featured as Thanh a minor role which however helped her gather more experience.

Disney produced the movie Prom after Brando Unauthorized and she was featured in it as Jessica. The role just like the one she had played earlier was not considered major but all the same it acted as a jump start to her career. Her resume got a lot better considering the film had been produced by one of the best companies ever in the sector.

The acting ability of Fabiola made her get spotted by an up and coming director called Justin Bellow. He noticed her great talent in her role as Jessica in the movie Prom. He was directing a film by the name Omission and he gave her a role in it. The movie was a thrilling one and it tested her versatility. The genre is known to have a wide fan base and this brought recognition to the young lady.

Fabiola was becoming more popular and she was finally offered a role in the TV show Everyone Wants Theirs. She played Nikki and was featured in three episodes which boosted her career. By now she was very experienced in this industry and was quickly becoming a big name in the industry.

She is not only good in acting but is also a great dancer. This has led to her appearance in several music videos of successful artists like Michael Buble and Mick Jagger. She is a good looking young lady with a stunning figure and has therefore been on several magazines. Sicily is a role model to many young aspiring artists who wish to make it to the top.

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