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Enjoy The Exciting Story About The Forgotten Vampires

By Essie Osborn

Dr. Carole A. Western is the author of this new and interesting series of books about vampires and other supernatural beings. The series is called the Forgotten Vampires, and this first book is called Fire Goddess. For all of you who enjoy reading Twilight and similar books, or the Vampire Diaries, this book will be more than a pleasant surprise. Interestingly, people who normally do not read similar books also cannot resist this one.

The series is about the seven vampire brothers called Karazans. They are entirely new breed, and although they do have fangs, they use them only to survive, and live among people for centuries, unnoticed. This new vampire breed has new and exciting powers, new and unknown charms and other interesting abilities, but you have to read the book to find out more about it.

In the center of this story is a young girl called Aimee McKenzie. She lives with her grandparent in Star Valley in Wyoming, unaware of all this. She is an orphan, although she has some other relatives living on the Hawaii Islands. When she receives a telegram from her Hawaiian grandpa, Kulanu, she is very excited, and decides to visit him on the Hawaii. And that's how the story begins.

Kulanu family is very rich, and Aimee's cousin Alon was the sole heir until she arrived. Alon is jealous and vindictive, and he is, unfortunately, Karazian vampire, and wants to kill her. One of the fire Goddesses, Polihanu, wants to help Aimee, and sends Kiyotu, her immortal servant, to look after her. Polihanu is the nicest of all Fire Goddesses, and it is very good to have her on your side.

Karazans are the most dangerous, but there are so many other enemies Aimee and Kiyotu have to face. Fire Hounds, Pele, Kaboshi witch and Lava Demons are just some of these enemies, one more dangerous than the other. Two beautiful young people fall in love, and this brings them more problems, because Kiyotu is immortal, and their love is forbidden.

Although in their fight two young people have a few allies, the battle seems hopeless. They face many dangerous situations, and they are forced to contend with a much stronger enemy. However, their love is true and sincere, and gives them the strength to face all kinds of challenges. The story is rich with interesting plots and unexpected turns that will keep you totally occupied.

If you enjoy reading stories about supernatural creatures, this book is a real candy for you. Although it is designed for a younger readership, the story is so intense and interesting, well-written and thrilling to readers of all ages, and you will absolutely enjoy it. Surely you will read it in one breath, and hardly wait for the continuation of this exciting saga.

Well written, exciting and tense from start to finish, this story of the dangerous and immortal creatures to conquer the hearts of all readers. Tense and exciting reading for all ages, this story about the love of two young people surrounded by a number of unexpected dangers will win your attention. Enjoy their interesting adventures, exciting atmosphere and unexpected twists.

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