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Learning About A Spiritual Adventure

By Essie Osborn

Anyone living in this world knows that tragedy can happen in no time at all and people should always be prepared for the worst. Sometimes people have to take a spiritual adventure in order to appreciate everything that life has to offer them. These are really great trips that can really open up someone's eyes to what is going on within this world. Movie producers have always explored this material with certain movies such as "Eat, Pray, Love." This particular film deals with an individual who is trying to find her way.

She met all kinds of interesting people who taught her a variety of different things. Fortunately the character also found romance which was very important. There was a man living in New York City who had decided to go on one of these quests since things were not going well for him at this time. He decided to leave his job for a while and take a trip around the world from the money that he saved.

His parents were originally from Europe and they left this place after they were married. Once they were wed this couple decided to head to America and never return to their homeland again. Their son really wanted to know about his family tree since this had always been such a big mystery. His first stop was Ireland and he received a very warm welcome from his foreign relatives.

He was fortunate enough to stay with them for a few days and learn from each person within this special household. It was also great that his relatives knew so much about his parents and their parents while they were alive. Unfortunately all of his parental guardians had already died and he was quite alone in America.

The Irish songs that he learned truly brought tears to his face and his uncle was very happy to sing all of them for him. The man's aunt spent all of her time in the kitchen preparing great meals that would make any person happy. The foods were very delicious. He did not want to say goodbye to these individuals but Scotland was waiting for him.

His uncle was indeed happy to welcome the lad into his home. The first night that he was there the two men laughed and talked about events from the past and present. His uncle showed him how to play the bagpipes in a matter of hours and this was indeed a good thing.

It seemed as though the week went by quickly and he was again off to another place. England would be his last place to visit since it is truly the heart of the United Kingdom. Everyone in all of these places had been very kind to him and he greatly appreciated their generosity. He had no living family members in England but that did not stop him from going forward.

London was such a beautiful city that he wanted to explore even more. He found a room at one of the best hotels around and decided to take a grand tour around town. This great history lesson made him a much better human being once he returned to Manhattan.

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