lundi 7 avril 2014

The Growing Popularity Of Beaded Handbags

By Jaclyn Hurley

Solid colored purses with very little detail are a thing of the past. Beaded handbags are the thing of the future. Women every where want a beaded handbag. These purses come in many sizes and shapes as well as with many different sized beads. There is a bag that will match any outfit you choose to wear that day or night.

You can buy them for your everyday life, you can buy a clutch for the evening, or even a bag for work. You can find them at a lot of boutiques, or accessory stores as well as the arts crafts fairs. Some women want a one of a kind bag and you can get that by going to an expert in beaded bags. You just order the bag you want and the bead you want and the expert puts it all together for you.

You can also buy the beaded necklace, earrings, anklets and bracelets to match your beautiful beaded bag. Some women even buy headbands with beads on them so that it matches their wardrobe. You can make just about anything with beads these days. Handbags are still the more popular of all the accessories. Many people enjoy making theirs themselves.

If you do not know how to go about making one all you have to do is simply go online and you will find a number of sites with tutorials on just how to make these wonderful things. You will need to buy a lot of beads mostly different sizes and shapes to begin your work. You might be surprised if a family member or friend wants to buy one of your pieces.

When you get really good at making them you could always start selling on the internet and making extra cash. It is amazing what some women will pay for a beaded accessory that was handmade. Many types of beads are used in making bags and accessories like the wood, glass, stone, bone, shell, and the most popular the plastic beads. Some women want a specific type of bead but many don't really care they just want it to be unique and sparkly. These women want things that no one else has.

All you will need to start is some thread and needles and you can begin making your very own beaded merchandises. Some people think using hot glue guns will do the trick but it never works because the beads begin to fall off. You do not want a purse that has empty spaces where the beads use to be.

These purses and accessories are a great gift idea for your loved ones. Mothers, best friends, sister, even cousins love getting these as gifts. These bags are great for a woman of any age. If you are the kind of person that likes to give gifts that they made themselves then this is the gift to give.

Once they know that you made it yourself they will be even more in love with the gift you have given them. You could even add some beads to a diaper bag for a friend that has a baby. No more ordinary diaper bag for that friend. She will be sporting around a sparkling diaper bag that no other mom has.

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