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How To Choose Appropriate The Best One Act Plays For High School

By Anita Ortega

Getting a drama that the audience will love is always a difficult job for directors. If you are a teacher, then you probably understand the challenges in selecting one act plays for high school. There are many things, such as the appropriateness of the setting and the subject, the values of the characters and so on, which you have to consider. However, with the guidelines below, this should be a rather simple task.

Ensure that the theatre pieces do not have extensive exposition. If the drama is about Margaret and Daniel quarreling in a restaurant, there are things that should not be included in the acting. For instance, your viewers will not want to know the number of siblings they have, the town they were born in or any information that is unrelated to the performance.

Ensure that your story is complete. This is important because you do not want to have a play that has quite a promising start, but it fizzles out with a very weak ending. Most writes tend to start out with an excellent idea, or character. However, they may fail to create a satisfying story from their ideas.

Choose a script that has a complete story. It is always go the old way and get a dram that has a clearly defined beginning, a captivating middle part, and catchy end. This is the only way you can be sure the audience will follow the story. If things are mixed up and there is no clear flow, the characters may fail to engage with the audience.

Consider the simplicity of the location. You should choose dramas that do not need several different props and set locations. These scripts tend to be short; therefore, simple ideas that do not call for multiple locations will help you to communicate better to your audience. In addition, several set changes within a production can make it to lag and boring.

Most people choose dramas because of their own personal reasons as the story may resonate with them. However, in your selection process, your main target should be your audience. Remember that it is not a privilege for anyone to see your production; it is an honor for them to pay to watch it.

Consider the resources required for the setting. Most of one-act plays consist of a few characters and maybe just a single scene. It should, therefore, be simple to set up, so that you can erect the stage and pull it down in a very short time. This will also be cheap financially.

One of the challenges of having a one-act play is the fact that the evening entertainment will call for more than one pieces. Therefore, you should ensure that you choose a piece that will complement the other drama. Therefore, you should choose skits that have the same intensity or theme for them to match each other. This will enable your audience to adjust to the change comfortably.

Most people have problems picking the right theatre piece for you. This will ensure that you choose a drama is entertaining and complete. You definitely want your viewers to have a memorable experience. Therefore, you should entirely devote yourself to the selection process for good results.

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