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Selecting A Recording Studio Is Important

By Joseph A. Johnson

The place where you record your music is just as important as the lyrics you write or the backing track you are singing or rapping to. This choice can bring about the difference as to whether you are going to be taken as a serious musician or just another joker. In order to end up with a serious record, you should know what to look for when selecting a recording studio.

Your first consideration must be the equipment at your disposal. High quality and expensive recording equipment to a great extent contributes to better sounding music. You can just imagine walking in a studio twice and all the time computers are not working or other equipment like mixers are broken down, the impression you get is that things are not right. A few pieces of equipment to look for include Pro Tools, Waves plugins and professional monitoring system and signal chain.

The quality of instruments and the quality of the acoustics in the room matters a lot. However good the technicians are, the best they can give is limited by the quality of instruments they are working with.

The other factor to consider is the professionalism and the level of experience of music producers, engineers and other technicians you are going to work with. It is best to work with a team of technicians who are experienced in working with many genres. This is a sure way of spending less time recording to get the best quality music. In order to be on the safe side, it is advisable to listen to some records that have been produced there.

Privacy is an issue that is of primary concern. It is often annoying to have a room full of idlers or people unknown to you when in recording session. The situation can be even worse when you discover that some of these people are actually trying to steal your lyrics. Other bad experiences are when you are interrupted by rappers asking to put in a verse during the session.

The rate you are to be charged per hour must also be put in consideration. This should reflect the quality you are going to get in terms of experienced engineers and high quality equipment. Other hidden charges like extra mixing if any must also be known in well in advance to avoid being caught by surprise. Low cost is one of the advantages of working in recording studios in Phoenix.

In case the management would want to have their name on your CD cover as most would, you must agree in this well in advance. It can be the point of getting a credit on your record. It is important to understand that this is not a practicing place, you should only start recording when you are ready to minimize on expenses.

When it comes to selecting a recording studio, there are hundreds of tips that can be helpful; in fact, a simple search over the web will give you several tips. The most important factor however is the level of experience the music producer and technicians have in your music genre. This simple choice can be the game changer in your career.

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