lundi 7 avril 2014

Why Kush Remains Popular Despite Strong Criticism

By Jaclyn Hurley

Arguments about Cannabis have always been controversial. Numerous studies have been done to try and verify claims that it is beneficial and even medicinal. Some experts say that it has no value whatsoever whilst others agree with claims that the plant, also known as Kush and many other names, taken in various ways, can offer many benefits. Many countries have banned the use of the plant, but is some countries it is legal and freely available.

Nobody denies the fact that Cannabis, which originates from Central and East Asia, has many uses other than that of recreational drug. It is this use of the plant that causes so much debate. However, the plant is also used to create a particularly strong fiber called hemp. It also has a very long history as a medicinal plant. It is said to cure or relieve many different diseases.

Marijuana is commonly used by patients undergoing chemotherapy. It seems that Cannabis is highly effective in combating the nausea and vomiting that typically attend this invasive therapy. Common prescription medicines cause unpleasant side effects such as dizziness, hallucinations and hypotension. Patients suffering with appetite problems, such as HIV / AIDS sufferers, also use Cannabis to stimulate their appetites. This is a common side effect of Cannabis.

Marijuana is commonly used to treat chronic pain, even pain caused by neuropathy and arthritis. Cannabis is also often used by patients suffering from terminal illnesses. In addition, Cannabis is widely used for the treatment of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. The use of the plant in this type of treatment is formally approved in ten different countries. It seems that is highly effective in treating and even preventing spasticity.

Marijuana also has a rich history as a vital aid in religious practices. Graves of the Jushi culture that are more than 2700 years old revealed that significant quantities of Marijuana were commonly buries with the deceased. It is though that Cannabis was used as an aid in divination ceremonies. To this day several religions, such as the Rastafarians, claim that they need Cannabis during their ceremonies.

Marijuana can be consumed in many different ways, although the most common method seems to be smoking or vaporizing. When smoking it, a variety of implements such as bongs or pipes are employed. Some people prefer to role a cigarette, called a joint and others even smoke it by using homemade pipes made from apples or other fruits. Vaporizing the plant and then simply inhaling the fumes have also proved to be popular.

There are many other ways in which to consume Marijuana. Eating it is extremely popular. Cookies and other foods containing Cannabis can be enjoyed in company because it is virtually free of the smell released when it is smoked and many people belief that the smoke contains some harmful elements. It is also possible to prepare a tea, although this is said to be an inefficient way of using it.

While critics remain convinced that Cannabis is a drug that should be banned for all purposes, users and some academics argue that it has many useful applications. Comparative studies are not conclusive and the jury is still out on the question of whether it should be legalized or not. Only time will tell.

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