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How To Choose The Right Executive Resume Writing Service

By Anita Ortega

It is tougher to get a job nowadays, even if you are a highly skilled executive. Many executives lost their jobs during the credit crunch and economic fiascoes of the past few years and there is tough competition for scarce managerial positions. The only tool that an executive has to get back into the job market again is a good curriculum vitae or resume. But not all are good resume writers so some may need the services of a good executive resume writing service to assist.

The boom in this kind of service marketed on the internet and print media has been quite evident. Thus it can be assumed that it is demand driven and there are quite a number of people that clamor for this kind of service. The challenge therefore is getting one or choosing one that suits your needs.

Setting up a checklist with some search criteria should help do the trick in choosing the right service for you. Remember that price does not necessarily factor always as a criteria, although it is very important. There are other qualities or criteria that you can consider. On your checklist, consider the following points being relevance and adaptability, level of conciseness, and clarity and accuracy.

Much has changed in the way that curriculum vita and resumes are made and used these days. In the past it was expected for one to have thick resumes with complete references and supporting work experience documents and the like. However, we are in a new age and times have changed, so we must also adapt the way we do things so that we become more relevant.

A few years ago a standard executive resume would be a couple of pages thick complete with photocopies of supporting documents and such. However, nowadays the industry has adapted to the times and now work details and resumes are much briefer and more compact. Also the standard formats adapted for the industry is usually point 14 size and arial and times new roman font.

When submitting something for your application make sure that it is concise. Concise in this sense meaning straight and direct to the point. Put forth all the main strengths and skills you have in as little wording as possible, use bullets if needed. Also, try to do this in two pages or less. It would help greatly if you have a good sense and use of vocabulary, but avoid overusing not so common words.

Being accurate in what you submit in your application is also one of the keys to success. Fit your resume to the job requirements at hand so as to be able to grab attention and a possible interview. This is a good basic rule of thumb to remember, to fit your resume to their needs.

So to choose the right service for your needs, ask them to send a sample of what they can provide so you can decide. Look for all the qualities that has been covered in this article and shortlist your candidates accordingly. A good shortlist of possible services you can hire should be at least three, and you can then eliminate from there using whatever other criteria you may want to use.

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