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The Great Melody Of The Grtns

By Eloise Hewitt

Musical groups are a delicate affair and most struggle to create a brand that can be accepted. The Grtns have overcome this challenge to create an incredible music team. The name is coined from the word Greatness and used to suggest what the group can do. It is a performing band that is bound to cause ripples in the industry.

The members of the band are two brothers by the name Lyan and Dylan. They previously worked as producers and song writers. They come from the city of Philadelphia which has greatly influenced their work. The choice to move from full time production and to become artists comes from experience and is not experimental.

The group wrote music for other singers with an inclination to urban genres. They were known to the industry as producers and writers as opposed to singers. The shift from production to being artists has allowed the individual to actualize their potential. They are a self contained team with mixers, recorders, producers and writers in the same basket.

The shift from independent producer to own producers is a challenge the brothers had to overcome. It requires a lot of professionalism and the ability to criticize own work. The band has overcome it with incredible production despite doing everything without external assistance.

Lyan and Dylan site such bands as The Killer, U2 and Cold Play as their greatest inspirations. This has shaped their approach to music. Their background in urban music has made them distinct from their mentors. The urban taste makes their music endearing.

The style developed by this band can be described as Wall of Sound. It is a meticulous blend of urban sounds and dance to create a unique feel. The music includes a little of anthemic rock feel which gives it depth and energy. This is a unique aspect in their production and is helping to win the group a greater following.

Greatness was the name of the debut album released by Dylan and Lyan. It hit the airwaves in March 2014 after premiering on Vevo and MTV. The choice of Greatness as the title of their album was deliberate. They hoped to show that in every human being, there is a seed of greatness.

Greatness contains very inspiring music that appeals across generations. It indicates that everyone can achieve his goals by searching within. Everyone is called upon to identify the shapes and forms in which this greatness is manifested in his life.

Flipping through the album reveals an incredible production by Lyan and Dylan. The addition of artistry over production was not a blunder. The songs signal individual moments of triumph. Listening keenly reveals avant-garde vignette and a lot of energy. This is felt from one song to the other.

The band has traveled and performed in different parts of the world and won a huge following. Their concerts are always full to capacity. The fans cut across generations. They have won in competitions where their songs are entered. Their music is available online for download to different platforms. These tracks have won the hearts of fans and judges in contests. The trend set by the pioneer album indicates that the band is headed for greater success.

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