lundi 26 mai 2014

Breaking Into Voice Over Commercials

By Marci Glover

There are a lot of different aspects to advertising, many of which are never considered by the general population. Ads may use stunning visuals or memorable music bits and jingles to capture their audience, but it is usually the vocals that people instantly recognize. Doing voice over commercials is a fun and interesting career choice as long as one has determination and patience.

One big misconception is that all a person needs to make it in this business is to sound appealing when speaking naturally. However, along with that pleasant timbre, one should also be able to use proper diction, enunciate clearly and have the capability to act through vocal expression. A big part of the job is using inflection and timing to create a believable and sincere narrative.

These skills are used quite often in works such as cartoons, video games, multimedia, audio books, documentaries and movies. They are also the key factor in many advertisements and announcements heard on the internet, radio and television. The average person is exposed to one of these spots nearly a hundred times a day just following their normal routine.

Advertising of this sort is generally placed into one of three primary categories. Local is the first tier and it mainly involves spots for businesses that serve a very confined area and announcements for hometown organizations. The next step up is regional, meaning those heard in a somewhat larger zone, and at the top is the national ads such as those for major consumer brands.

Granted, most of the national level jobs are given to celebrities simply because their voices are more easily recognizable. However, it is important to remember that the local and regional ads can be just as lucrative if one remains persistent. There are far more spots available than a handful of famous names can fill, so there are ample opportunities available in all three categories.

It is quite rare that an actor becomes successful simply due to their pleasant sounding speeches. To become a marketable product, one must take the time to build their talent and make themselves desirable to the production companies. This process begins by seeking out a vocal coach who is qualified to instruct in the best ways to improve techniques, hone skills and control breathing.

The next step is creating an audio audition by having a demo tape recorded in a professional quality studio. For best results, this should be submitted to all available advertising agencies, talent managers and production companies that operate during one's target work zone. The CD and written resume' mailing needs to be followed by phone calls to make sure that they are not easily overlooked.

With a bit of patience combined with a degree of persistence, it is possible for one to build a satisfying career in this field. Aiming for national ads is a respectable goal, though one should not expect to immediately start working on that level. Gaining experience through performing on a number of local and regional assignment is a tried and true way to hone the craft, build experience and become versatile enough to actually become competitive at the top tier.

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