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Tracking Down A Pearl Harbor Historian

By Marci Glover

Learning about how World War II started is an activity that everyone should engage in at some point in their lives. By seeking out a Pearl Harbor historian, they can learn quite a bit about the history of their country. Men and women who understand the historical process will be able to provide a broad overview of why the Japanese attacked America in 1941.

The credentials of the historian will be important. Most reputable individuals will have received a degree from one of the best school in the country. If they have an advanced degree, such as a PhD or a Master's, this is even better. They'll be able to provide oodles of great information that history buffs will surely eat up rather quickly.

A basic understanding of what happened at Pearl Harbor will also be important. When the Japanese attacked that day, they set in motion a series of events that would change the world. The battle transformed the planet and brought on a conflict that would see millions of people wiped out. The ships from the US navy that survived the attack would be back to fight another day.

Many people go to the area to learn about the ships that were sunk in 1941. The USS Arizona is one of the most famous wrecks. It sits at the bottom of the harbor. In fact, the whole bay is a memorial to the lives that were lost that day. People come from all around the world to view these artifacts. For this reason, they should be treated with respect.

Good historians will also have a great idea of how the survivors dealt with the trauma. Many of them, of course, enlisted later in the war after they recovered from their wounds. These men and women were hugely important in bringing Japan to its knees. Their stories are very important and have been documented by oral historians over the years.

Visiting the memorial is not hard. If people wish to travel to Hawaii, however, they should try to book their trips months in advance. This way, they can get the best possible deal on airfare. Once they see the memorial area, they will surely want to return later in life to show it to their friends and family members.

To learn more about the opening battle in the Pacific, men and women can go to libraries to look for books and articles. Many of these publications have been written by historians who have spent years studying the war. Amateur history buffs will learn a lot by looking through these works for a few hours each week.

In the end, finding a good historian is quite easy to do and not all that hard to accomplish. With the right amount of research, people can track down someone who knows all about the war. They can then find out about the experiences the sailors and soldiers had on that day in 1941.

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