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Knowing How To Find A Good Doll Zone

By Tracie Knight

Millions of people like to decorate their homes with a variety of items which reflect the past and present. Some of them will visit a doll zone when they decide to make a change in their household. It is no mystery that there are many toy companies who have made unusual looking statues which stood at eight inches or more. Mego was the perfect figure manufacturer during the 70's and they were delighted to model statues that resembled fictional characters.

In the early 70's Mego hit it really big when they started to sell figures which resembled famous comic book characters. They decided to contact DC comics publication in order to use the likenesses of certain characters on their toy models. This particular book industry gave them permission to utilize the characters of Superman, Batman, Robin and Shazam.

In a short period of time Mego produced these figures in eight inch versions. Later on Batman, Superman and Robin were presented to retailers in a twelve inch model form. Production companies in other countries decided to also make their own versions of these heroic figures. The figures had to be a little different than the originals because of copyright laws.

The Latin version of Superman has darker features and his costume is a bit different from the American version. At the time a person could also obtain the foreign one at a less expensive cost since production expenses were lower. Celebrities all around wanted to have their faces attached to one of these very unique statues that were very popular.

Mego made a conscience decision to duplicate actors and actresses from "Happy Days, " "Laverne and Shirley, " "Starsky and Hutch, " "Three's Company" and "Star Trek." The male characters were very tastefully done on every level possible. Many of the female figures were pitiful and very forgettable.

Many of these products were purchased by boys and they did not want to take home a female statue. Retailers would quickly discount the girl characters whenever they arrived at their store. Unfortunately Catherine Bach does not resemble her Daisy Duke statue at all. Everyone at Mego knew that the Daisy head was not an original.

Any person with eyes could see that Mego made a huge mistake when they created the eight inch version of Wonder Woman. She had a baby face and did not come with any accessories. Batgirl, Supergirl, Cat Woman and Isis were all made from the same head mold. Each of these items looked silly to the serious collector.

This particular movie was an instant flop while "Star Wars" made millions of dollars at the box office. The "Star Wars" figures went on to be produced by Kenner. Famous celebrities also had their faces attached to some of these Mego twelve inch items. Cher insisted that they remake her features several times before she allowed this company to sell her statue. Since she was such a big star they agreed to her terms.

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