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Facial Photo Retouching Indianapolis IN

By Heidi Carver

If one is in the business of taking photos, then it is very important that he would know how to edit the faces of the people in photos that he would take. Of course he will be using photo editing software in order to do some facial photo retouching Indianapolis IN. If one is interested in doing this, then here are some tips on how to retouch.

Of course if one would want to do a good retouching, then the first thing that he must do would be to get himself a good photo editor. Although there are a lot of good editors found in the internet, the best one that one can use would be none other than Adobe Photoshop CS3. This is the easiest to use and of course the most efficient as well.

If one already has an Adobe Photoshop CS3, then he may start experimenting with some photos that contain people in them. Now the first thing that one should do would be to simply get rid of all the pimples or spots in the faces of the people in the picture. In order to do this, one has to simply make use of the healing option and take away all those imperfections there.

Now another part that one has to handle would be the yellow teeth that people would usually have when they would smile in pictures. Now in order to take care of this issue, one must make use of the lasso tool. Using the lasso tool, one has to highlight the teeth area and reduce the yellow color in the color editing section.

Now if one would look at unedited photos, he would notice that the skin tone of the person would be uneven. Now in order to deal with this issue, one may make use of the blurring option in order to handle it. Of course one just has to click and drag this tool in order to even out the skin tone.

Of course there is also a way to make the skin look brighter. In order to do this, one just has to make use of the color editing option and toggle with the color red. Now one just has to play around with putting more red or taking out the red until the skin would look nicer that it once was.

Of course there is also the issue wherein the editor would want to highlight the best parts of the person. Now usually, he would do this by sharpening the mouth, eyes, and nose of the person by using the sharpen option. Of course he just has to select it and just drag it around these parts.

So as one can see, there are actually so many ways to retouch the face of a person that is in a picture. Now although these are the steps on how to do it, it is actually possible to be more creative and play around with the other tools. One may use the other tools to further enhance the picture.

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