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Facts On The Koaloha Concert Ukulele

By Marci Glover

Musicians in many different genres of music usually aim to find instruments which give them sound of a sufficiently high quality during performances. They also want tools that deliver the same results in practice sessions and are durable enough for them to carry them around without worrying about damage. A KoAloha concert ukulele satisfies all of these needs and this is why players rate it so highly.

Artistes sometimes grow up hearing about this popular brand from other professionals and amateurs in their field and they long to play these ukuleles for themselves because of that. Word of mouth is one of the facts that has helped this company to grow from strength to strength and now, players all over the United States and in other parts of the world use their equipment.

The positive reviews that the instruments have received are not without reason. Every item that is produced in their workshop has a full range from pianissimo to triple forte. This gives players more flexibility and makes it possible for them to easily express themselves with each piece that they play.

Concert Koa ukes are all made in Hawaii alongside many other types of ukes and have received great care at every stage of manufacturing. The musical tools have been allowed the highest level of workmanship so that players will be pleased with the music they can produce. Men and women visit the factory regularly in person in order to tour their surroundings and play the instruments.

The Koa factory offers their tour for free and allows you to see firsthand how their products are made. The tour is just another one of the ways in which the team endeavors to remain in touch with their customers and give them the highest level of service. The talented craftsmen take immense pride in what they do and are led by the founder, Alvin Okami. He is a composer, innovator and inventor. Papa Okami also sings, plays the oboe and does graphic and industrial design.

This business is run by family and they make every effort to help build community. They pay attention to the needs of their customers and you can directly contact and speak to Mr. Okami if you have a problem. They aim to pass on the traditions of ukulele building and recently held a class in the craft for children who were affected by the tsunami in Japan.

This factory in Oahu island is regarded as one of the best worldwide for this instrument. The craftsmen make the Pineapple Sunday and many other beautiful pieces but keep them at a price that customers can afford. The Tenor Scepter model is among the more popular types and is well known for its deep yet bright sound.

Papa Koaloha has a personal philosophy when it comes to building ukes and vigorously strums the instruments when he is testing them. He wants all of them to have a full dynamic range. He never wants an instrument to limit a player and aims for all of his pieces to give musicians the freedom to play at higher volumes without losing the quality of the sound. This has helped to make the instruments highly sought after.

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