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Tips For How To Buy Hip Hop Beats For A Mixtape Online

By Jermaine Duprix

The beat is a crucial part of the best Hip Hop tracks. The quality of recording you buy will make a difference to the quality of your song. When it comes to knowing how to buy Hip Hop beats online the crucial thing is to know what you are buying and how to get the best possible quality.

The amount of bits will affect the quality. Naturally this will affect the price. For a decent quality sound it is worth going for a 16 beat WAV. The best possible quality is to go for a 24 bit tracked out version of an instrumental. This will give you the best possible sound and the most flexibility when you go to mix your track in the recording studio.

For most people they will download the 16 bit WAV version of a beat. This tends to be a decent quality. Anyone listening to it who is not a professional is likely to think that it is a very good sounding track and for the most part will often be enough to get the sound that you want from it.

Before you buy a track it is important to check the terms and conditions. A lot of people will license their beats. This means that in effect, even though you are able to use their work on your track they will still hold the rights to their work. If you are comfortable with this then you can purchase them.

Once you have found the Hip Hop instrumental and seen it is within your price range you then need to check the licensing agreement. This will refer to the usage under the terms and conditions the producer agrees to. It is vital that you check this in order to ensure that you are not breaking any of those terms or you could find yourself getting sued.

There is also the issue of different types of licensing. An exclusive license allows you to do whatever you like with the work of a producer. This can include tracks that are not for profit and tracks that you want to make money from them. There is in effect no limit to what you can do with it. Of course, exclusive licenses cost a lot more and it is really not necessary for new unsigned artists to bother with exclusive licenses.

With a non exclusive license this is a bit more complicated. It means anyone could use it in theory. However it may be possible to contact the producer and discuss negotiable terms. For example you could pay a bit more to negotiate a period where other artists do not use your beats. Ultimately if your budget is tight then you will have to accept that you are likely to hear that beat on other songs.

When it comes to choosing Hip Hop beats for a mixtape online that are best suited to your project, you need to be aware of what you want and who are the most reliable producers offering the kind of beats you want. Remember to check feedback before you download as you are more likely to get the best quality. With a smart approach you will find the best beats for your track.

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