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Collaboration Fiction In Various Fields

By Arline Bradley

This is a form of writing where a number of authors share creativity in writing a story. Collaboration Fiction is becoming increasingly popular. People engage in this form of writing for various reasons. Some of this include; recreation, part of education and as a way of commercial gain.

It can also be defined as several people who write together. This definition is more convincing and acceptable because every writing is usually an outcome of combined efforts. This is true because authors always use ideas or language from works done by previous writers.

Collaborative writing has largely been employed in academic research and classroom. It has been used to encourage learner centered programs in many institutions. The role of the professor in such situations becomes to instruct the students and provide opportunities for them to take responsibility collaborative research and writing. This new strategy is very effective and enables students perform better.

There are legal issues that need to be observed whenever two or more people join efforts to write. An agreement should exists defining issues like the terms of separation, who would retain the right of the property in case all the group decides to part ways and also provide clear guidelines for termination of the conglomerate. It is vital for every writer to be aware that working with others is not easy and they can encounter several challenges. Some of these challenges include; pressure from the co-workers, delays in producing the book, one party may have other stuff he is committed and one of the members can lose interest or get bored in the process of coming up with the writing.

Collaborative writing has also been used to influence participation of community in writing. Many writers who engage the community are rewarded as the output is always of high quality and the content is built on real life of the people. An example is Dave Eggers who was awarded for 826 projects in 2008. His projects were a joint effort of community, groups and school children.

The advent of internet has highly encouraged recreational collaborative writing. It can be open with no specific rules as it is passed from writer to writer. However many of them tend to adopt set of rules concerning what contribution is acceptable and which is not. Writing games that have this kind of contribution have a tradition in fictional groups. Examples include Oulipo and Dadaists. Development of internet has made this kind of games popular leading to original literary production and hypertext fiction.

In joint writing the type of partners you choose to work with are very essential. When finding a co-worker in this field it is vital to check on commitment and interest of a person. According to Michael Perilstein an author; co- workers in this field determine your experience in the whole process and the quality of the book. Partners are there to share new tips and ideas.

One should ensure that they work smoothly with other authors. There are a number of tips that one can observe to ensure efficiency while working with others. Some of them include respecting the strengths and weaknesses of your co-worker. Writers can work jointly in research and also writing.

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