jeudi 22 mai 2014

Details To Know When Picking Pre Need Funeral Planning

By Amy Chan

A growing number of people are trending towards making decisions regarding their own final arrangements. Doing this takes away a lot of the stress normally felt by the survivors, plus it makes it more likely the individual will get their desired farewell. Before taking on pre need funeral planning, there are some things of which to be aware.

The first thing to remember is that making plans before they are needed does not necessarily mean making payments as well. It is more about making sure others are aware of one's personal likes and dislikes regarding the various aspects of this event and its traditions. This is a chance to state specifics about everything from flowers to interment practices.

There are a few risks involved with early payments. Sometimes a person may change their mind regarding choices or they may move, and a company may change owners or go out of business. Read contracts carefully to see how funds already received will be handled in these cases.

For payment purposes, the most recommended solutions are to either purchase a life insurance policy, or set up a bank account, ear marked exclusively for these arrangements. Any financial contracts should be carefully reviewed to make sure funds will be handled in this manner. Anytime the contractual exchange of money is involved, it is best to consult an attorney.

The primary things one does in making advanced plans is to state their preferences on all the details of their death arrangements. This takes the burden off of their survivors and no one is responsible for making difficult choices while grieving. If they honor the instructions left for them, the occasion will be just as the individual wished and the stress will be more controlled.

For best results, make sure one or more people are aware of what plans have been made and that they have access to the papers. These individuals can be members of one's family, a dear friend or an attorney. Wills and bank vaults are not advisable storage places as many of those are not read or opened until after the person is buried.

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