dimanche 11 mai 2014

Examples Of Modest Christian Clothing

By Tracie Knight

With popular apparel trends today revealing too much skin, many people who consider themselves religiously devout often want to wear clothes that are more suited to their beliefs. Because many of these individuals believe that the Bible mandates a humble style of dress, they want to avoid dressing in clothes that are skimpy and even sexually stimulating. If they are new to this mode of style, however, people may wonder what kinds of modest Christian clothing can be found in stores today. These examples might allow them to shop and to dress in a way that is more fitting for their beliefs.

Shirts are the most common piece of apparel that people shop for first when building their wardrobes. Many Bible followers believe that their religions want them to keep their arms covered to their elbows and their chests covered close to their necks. They may purposely choose longer button-down styles or tee shirts with thicker and higher collars for this purpose. They might feel that these shirts suit their purposes.

After they shop for shirts, these people may move onto selecting their pants or skirts. Some churches allow members to don blue jeans, while others ask that members wear khaki pants or trousers that are less trendy. Church leaders also sometimes request that the jeans or trousers avoid dropping below a certain line on the waist of the person wearing this piece of apparel. Most retail stores sell khaki or blue jeans that suit this purpose.

With many stores today selling short, summery dresses for teens, ladies belonging to stricter churches could want to choose skirts that are longer. Rather than wear pants, which could be forbidden for female members, or wearing dresses that would be too revealing, ladies may choose styles that are longer and more humble by browsing in their local secondhand stores or by shopping at a store that sells professional brands.

As with other apparel items, shoes might also be chosen with care. Men and women may vary in their fashion choices. While men could wear brown or black loafers, cowboy boots, or tennis shoes, ladies might wish to choose more low-key selections like flats, canvas shoes, or flat heeled boots to wear instead.

Many churchgoers think nothing of keeping their heads bare both inside and outside of their church buildings. Some denominations do not require head coverings; however, just as many do require that people, particularly women, keep their heads covered. When choosing wardrobes, members whose parishes mandate such coverings may also select handkerchiefs or lace material to wear over their heads.

Ladies who consider themselves to be devout also take their modesty a step further by investing in undergarments for such protection. To keep their bras and panties concealed, they may wear slips or chemises with their other garments. These pieces conceal the outlines and shapes of their under apparel and safeguard their dignity.

Many families like attending religious services each week. When they want to practice their religious doctrines fully and comply with the mandates of their beliefs, these individuals could choose to wear clothing that is considered to be appropriate and modest. With many shops today featuring styles that are promiscuous and too revealing, families could be discouraged in their selections. They may find the right things to wear by considering these ideas.

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