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Some Interesting Trivia About Choco Fountains

By Nicholas Zahra

Chocolate fountains have become a common sight in weddings, debuts and other social events nowadays, but they are not just another way for you to eat chocolate. In fact, here are some very interesting things you may not know about chocolate fountains:

1. It was in 1920 the Canadian inventor, Ben Brisman, patented the first practical chocolate fountain. It took seven decades before the machine became popular with the help of Canadian company Design & Realisation. Several units of the machine was exhibited in 1991 during the National Restaurant Show in Chicago. Another company, Buffet Enchancements International, took interest in the product and it started distributing it to US resorts and hotels.

2. The classic D & R design is the most common. Most of the chocolate fountain models that can be bought in the US are based on this design. Some are slightly modified to accommodate different types of accessories. For instance, the "cupped" design is intended to minimize wastage by reducing chocolate spillage.

3. A world record in terms of the largest chocolate fountain is currently held by the Belagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The said chocolate fountain measures 27 feet high and it has a total capacity of 2,100 pounds of melted chocolate. It requires six heavy-duty pumps to constantly circulate melted chocolate. the giant fountain was constructed by Canadian artist Michel Mailhot out of glass and 500 feet of stainless steel tubing.

4. Chocolate fountains use different formulation of melted chocolate. It is not the same as what can be commonly found in cakes or candies. The fountains use couverture chocolate that has large amount of cocoa butter. This allows the fluid to have lower viscosity and makes it free to flow. On the other hand, alternatives such as chocolate syrups can also be used.

5. There is a difference in the taste between the chocolate from large fountains and from small fountains. The main reason for this is the higher vegetable oil content of the chocolate in small fountains. The oil is added to allow the chocolate to flow more freely in the smaller tubes of small fountains. You can learn more by visiting our for details.

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