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Robert Wood Paintings And Red Skelton Paintings

By Darren Hartley

Robert Wood paintings were known for their depiction of the California coast, the Rocky Mountain landscapes and the springtime flowering of the Texas Bluebonnets. It is purported that Robert Wood, most probable than not, painted more works on the United States landscape than any other artist in the annals of American art history.

In the history of art, Robert Wood paintings has the distinction of being among the most widely reproduced works. Mainly because of the number of these Robert Wood artistic productions, they can be found in all of the fifty states comprising the United States. Not only there, they are also available in many foreign countries.

Reproductions of Robert Wood paintings are usually printed on paper mounted on a cardboard rather than a canvas. They are sometimes glassed. While originals painted on canvas are left to breathe from behind, reproductions are, more often than not, sealed with a brown craft paper or cardboard at the back.

Known for their caricatures of smiling lovable clowns and world renowned characters, Red Skelton paintings can be found among the most prestigious and private of collections all over the world. Red Skelton perfected his painting talents over the years, now hugely recognized and acclaimed throughout the globe.

Other than clown figures, a number of Red Skelton paintings were creations of beautiful still life and landscapes. Doing artwork since 1943, it was not until 1964 that Red had his first public showing of his work. The exhibition was held in Las Vegas where he was doing entertainment work at the time.

Red Skelton paintings have proven to be sound investments as originals fetched as much as thousands of dollars. They are recognized collector's delights with their provision of a whimsical feeling that brightens and cheers up any room. These intensely moving creations have earned for Red one of the highest honors an artist can receive.

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