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A Review Of Fun Apps For Iphone

By Freda Watts

The telecommunication revolution that has swept through the last decade has had a lot of impact on our lives. Cell phones have radically changed the way we operate bank accounts, transfer money, interact with friends, pay utility bills and even how we entertain ourselves. There are thousands of fun apps for iPhone waiting to amuse willing users.

The feline family is represented in the Appstore by Talking Tom; a cat who talks, squeaks and plays on the screen. This is a popular game that has been downloaded by millions of cell phone users to enjoy the funny movements made by Tom. The game is highly interactive since Tom the cat loves to be touched, tickled and scratched. The faces made by this feline beauty will keep users holding on to their phones for hours.

If you loved the Harlem shake dance, you will be delighted to learn about the fun application that enables you to make your own rendition of the dance. The app, also known as Harlem shake, provides users with a chance to make their own dance and effortlessly upload it to popular video sites. If the dance is funny and gets many views, you could well be on your way to stardom.

If you have been accused of not having a sense of humor, then it might be time to change that. There is no better way to fight off such accusations than by using ifunny. This is a tool that crawls the internet regularly searching for jokes, memes, videos and trolls. This tool also allows individuals to contribute to the site by adding their own jokes and having them rated by other users.

If you love the brassy tunes of jersey shore, then the jersey shore grenade whistle could be your best friend. This is a game that belts out popular tunes from the jersey area after being blown. The game has a variety of options that allow the user to mix their music, shuffle the tunes and equalize the sound. The interactive part of the application features a small flute that the user blows to choose the music.

Drake, the stunning hip hop music star has an application that features him on Appstore. Dress up, Drake edition is a tool that enables users and fans to drool over his well built body and dress him up in clothes that they desire to see him in. If you have been wondering what Drake would look like in a polka dot dress, or the meat dress worn by lady Gaga, then this is your chance to find out.

My virtual boyfriend is an application that is seriously out to take over the role of men in society. This is an interactive game that collects user data, stores it then answers questions using artificial intelligence and some bad guesses. Lady users can just type questions to the virtual boyfriend and have it ready to answer.

Fun apps for iPhone are a great way to entertain yourself using internet tools. These applications showcase the massive creative potential of the online community. Using knowledge and skills to make other people laugh and have fun is part of being resourceful.

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