mardi 9 juillet 2013

When Was Belly Dancing Delivered to America?

By Mariella Monroe

Belly dancing offers gained significant popularity nowadays. However, the debate of its origins is still going on and probably would go on forever and at any time. This dance is not connected with any particular geographical place rather it is performed all over the world.

More interestingly, different sectors have their own belly dance and they call it with the name of their place. For instance, there is an American belly dancing. There is also a never ending debate about when was belly dance came in to American territory. People firmly believe that this dance has its origin in the Egyptian lifestyle.

If we consider it true we can fairly say that it absolutely was Asian culture that familiarized Western culture with this boogie. The amazing point here is that individuals of other culture usually do not accept innovation at first but it did not hold true with this dance. It was admired from the beginning by the people of Western side. It would not be wrong to say that it is like mediation for many people even these days. Moreover, individuals have been successful in achieving peace from belly dancing.

This particular clarity of mind by this dance is not easy to achieve as this type of dance is as opposed to other types of dances. It has no useless movements. Every act has a purpose. The dance can also be very complex and difficult to perform as it is unusual.

People still feel entertained by this boogie even in this modern era regarding technological advancements where we now have plethora of gadgets to help keep ourselves entertained. This demonstrates the fact that this dance has really something special in it and that is exactly why it has been the part of human race for years and years. It is not entirely useless to discuss its origin but its benefits are more important.

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