lundi 15 juillet 2013

What Was Jersey Shore About?

By Nathaniel Dollinger

In this write-up I'm going to inform you every little thing that I know about Jersey Shore.

Essentially, Jersey Shore was a reality television series that was running for three years (from 2009 to 2012).

Filmed in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, the series is about the lives of 8 young guys and girls, called guidos and guidettes, who stayed temporarily in the popular N.J. town and whom were followed constantly by cameras, filming their every step. The individuals that were filmed became larger than life, becoming involved with different situations in their work and personal lives - some of which were quite shocking. It was truly these different personalities and how they came together that made the tv show so attractive and talked about.

I delighted in seeing each weekly episode due to the fact that you never ever knew what kind of mischief the show's characters would get into next. The guidos are sometimes just hilarious.

However, what is a guido anyhow? Well, this term literally means "driver." It defines Italian-American men and gals who like to dress up and act in a certain way. Guidos usually have well defined bodies and are young and tanned. Male guidos spend a great deal of time in the fitness center. Guidettes, on the flip side, share comparable attributes with their male equivalents. Dressing seductively appears to be a typical theme with guidettes. Plus, putting on jewelry is almost always a necessity for both guys and girls.

As the tv show began, the reception in Seaside Heights was not at all welcoming Residents had already known the antics of the cast members would cast a low light on their special small town. I do not understand how this was fixed, but the tv series began none-the-less.

The fascinating thing about Jersey Shore is the fact that the residence where the guidos and guidettes took up residence was in fact filled with cameras. The only location where there had not been a camera was the bathing room. A few of the participants later on stated that they would waist hours under the shower simply to escape from all the cameras. In truth, Nicole Polizzi, one of the original girls, stated that many of the crazy things that were happening in the house were in actuality their responses to those cameras. They had such a substantial influence on the cast.

I need to state that the critics didn't like Jersey Shore very much. In truth, a large number of people from the Italian community raised objections about the show, due to the fact that they consider the term "Guido" be a derogatory ethnic insult.

This controversy pulled out a lot of the original advertisers such as Dell, American Family Insurance and Domino's which, as a result, was a last nail in the coffin.

To hypothesize, I would say that this program was not even supposed to be seen by grownups. I suggest some of controversial things that took place on that show were not supposed to be televised within the time period that the show was aired. Ultimately, Jersey Shore might actually be rated as a low-value show for anybody other than the young people it targeted.

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