lundi 15 juillet 2013

Some Things A Wedding Photographer Does Without His Camera

By Carmella Watts

Wedding is probably the most romantic event that could happen in the lives of two people in love, aside from the diamond celebration of marriage. This is the time where the groom waits for his bride, while she walks down the aisle with his father. Mixture of emotions are present in this kind of event. Good thing wedding photographer in San Diego could capture this unrestrained and memorable moment. Ergo, they should be invited during the special ceremony.

The photography having the couple as the main subject before, during, and after tying the knot is so called as wedding photography. The people in this profession are called wedding photographers. But aside from taking pictures during event, what they do and who they are remained unbeknownst to most human beings. Curiosity does not always kill the cat. Sometimes, lessons and pieces of information are grasped especially when you read the paragraphs below.

Contrary to popular belief, wedding photographers do not just visit different places, partying like it is the end of the world. They do most of their time working, both in field and at home. After taking pictures, they automatically boot in their computers and open photoshop. This is the stage where they adjust the light and appearance of the photo.

A meeting with the newly wed will soon take place to present the photographs before, during, and after the event. The couple will either want all pictures to be placed in the album that was part of the package or not. It is also a responsibility of the photographer to design albums as present to the couple.

Aside from taking and editing pictures, they will also do the job in printing. Either they will print the pictures manually or they will let the printing machine back them up. Photographers want to be present during the printing so they will know that the colors match the hues they have in their mind. Some machine does not work well, by the way.

Believe it or not, photographers are very flexible to different situations. From being techie, they venture to the other side of their business so called accounting or bookkeeping. They maintain records of financial transactions so as to avoid any letter coming from the internal revenue. It is a part of the business, own it or you will be impeached.

Being a part time secretary and part time boss that they are, they also set meetings with clients. They do not need a proxy during meetings because they need their customers to be delighted. An exchanging of ideas will be present so they will surpass the expectations of the clients.

They do not hire advertising agencies since they are gifted with creative mind and dexterous hands. Web designing is also practiced to direct couples to their sites who are looking for affordable rates without compromising the quality of the work. They are their own advertising agency because they know who their target market is, and how they can make their names fragrant.

Contrary to popular belief, a wedding photographer in San Diego does not just capture pictures. He does not have a team that answers calls from clients because he does that by himself. He is his own secretary, advertising agent, accountant, bookkeeper, web designer, and photo editor.

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