lundi 29 juillet 2013

Making Cheap Flower Girl Dresses

By Maryanne Goff

If one is in charge of planning for the people who will be part of a wedding, then he definitely has to be in charge of everything involving those people as well. In the case of flower girls, the one in charge of them must also be the one who will come up with the clothing for these little girls. Now if one does not want to spend too much money, then it is actually possible to make some cheap flower girl dresses.

Of course before one would go ahead and try to even make the dress, one must first discuss the details with the bride and groom before doing anything. Now remember that weddings would usually follow some themes that were created by the newly weds. Of course the clothing would have to match the theme that was chosen.

The next step would be to find out what the sizes of the flower girls are. Getting the exact measurements of all of them is actually very crucial simply because it is not good if the participants will have clothing that will not fit. In the event that one does not follow the exact size, then he may just make it a little bigger only.

When the sizes have all been gotten, then now would be the time to get a pattern for the dress. One must make sure that the pattern of the dress will fit the age of the participant because it will look ridiculous if a young girl will wear the design of a toddler. So always make sure to pick out the appropriate pattern.

Once the preparations are all set, then now is the time to get down to business. Picking out the right kind of fabric is a must because this will be the deciding factor whether the dress will look nice or not. The best fabric choices for these kinds of dresses would actually be either some lacy material or some silky material.

When the selection and preparation is all finished, then the next step is to take a pair of scissors and cut the pieces of fabric that will be used. Now it is very important that one follows his pattern in order to be able to get everything right. Use the pattern to be able to trace the fabric and cut it out properly.

Once that is done, then the last part would be to sew the dress up. Now it is recommended that one use a sewing machine to be able to do this because it is hard to do it manually. In this stage, one may now add some accessories to the dress like ribbons, laces, zippers and buttons.

So if one would want to save some money on dresses for the flower girls, then here is a way to make cheap flower girl dresses. Of course in order to do this, one must first be good at handling cloth and sewing. Of course it helps if one has a very creative mind.

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