dimanche 21 juillet 2013

Facts About Fused Glass Tiles

By Kelli Townsend

Fused glass tiles are made with the use of some pieces of assorted glasses in order to form a desired design. These are heated at high temperatures to be able to change its physical appearance. Thin layers of glass are usually piled and stacked to attain the desired thickness and cut depending on its use. To attain a colorful output, others make use of different colors in each layer. These are usually categorized depending on the manufacturing method that is being used such as smalti, sintered, cast and fused glass tile.

Glasses were used to create mosaics, a piece of artwork, in the early 2500 BC. It does not have a precise origin but there are archaeological evidences that prove its existence through the years. It took several centuries before it was actually transformed into tiles by some creative artisans. Through the years, it became popular for use in various fields.

In the method of fusion, a certain material will be cut into tiny pieces and will be heated in a kiln. The result will usually be a clear one so it is necessary to add various colors at the topmost or maybe in its base. It will be treated through etching and coating. Once done, the result may be used in some crafts and artworks.

In this strategy, a series of fast heating cycles is needed. The longer it stays in a high temperature kiln, the more will the stack fuse. If the desired fuse is achieved, one can slowly lower the temperature of the kiln. Allow the output to cool down after it will be soaked in a particular range of temperature. The higher the heat that will be applied, the glossier the result will be.

There are simple steps that can be done to be able to make one. Every tile may have up to seven layers that are cut accordingly. It will be placed on an opaque base. One could have a black or white base though. Make sure that is is durable enough to provide a strong hold of the whole product.

The more output, the better. It can be easily stacked and arranged to be able to have another colorful layer. Place it inside a kiln. Always use the right amount of temperature. Once through, allow it to reach room temperature.

Nowadays, many industries are into the production of such colorful products. This art requires much skill and imagination. Many revisions are made to the old craft for it to add more beauty to different interior and exterior surroundings.

Installing it for different uses is quite a difficult job compared to having clay. The nature of a glass is made of ceramics that could break easily if not properly handled. An installer must be skilled enough and know how to drill through it to avoid it from breaking.

Fused glass tiles must not be used in making your floors. These tiles are very slippery at times especially when it is wet. Still, it can be utilized to be able to make artworks and designs. It can be made into decorative panels for the walls. It can also be seen in different beads and jewelry.

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