lundi 1 juillet 2013

Serial Killer Minds Are Very Strange

By Jeanette Riggs

When finding out about the great serial killer minds a person has to prepare themselves for the worst. People must realize that certain individuals will harm others for pure sport and they are still able to sleep well at night. There has always been psychopaths in the world who will seek out the meek and totally destroy them.

People in America are very familiar with men like Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy who spent most of their time executing individuals. This dynamic duo is also well known all over the world because their acts of murder were very gruesome to many people. During his childhood days Dahmer enjoyed torturing his own pets and other fragile creatures. He found this venture to be quite tedious before moving on to human beings.

Mr. Dahmer started killing young men at the age of eighteen years old because he could not accept his own homosexual feelings towards men. He would pick up random strangers and invite them back to his house for casual sex and more. Dahmer had tricked these men into thinking that they would only engage in certain homosexual acts but once they were in his home he sodomized them.

When the rape was over Mr. Dahmer would then murder his victim. He always kept a saw on hand in order to take his victim's head off. The head was placed in a plastic bag and then put into the freezer. Dahmer enjoyed drinking the blood which dripped out of the dead man's neck. Other body parts were placed into storage also.

Many medical doctors believe that this is the kind of murderer who finds it necessary to get rid of any sexual temptations. Mr. Dahmer had found all these men to be sexually pleasing and that went against his upbringing. In order for him to live a "normal" life he had to make his temptations disappear.

There are so many men in the world who think the same way as Dahmer did. It is very dangerous when a man cannot act out his sexual feelings for other men. These males will then try to hurt homosexual men in order to prove their manhood to women. Unfortunately these guys are usually raised in very religious homes.

Women everywhere were relieved when Ted Bundy was captured by the police. He had terrorized females for years before his arrest. Usually this man would take the time to look for women who were involved in a difficult situation. All of the girls that knew him thought that he was very polite and caring. The ones that knew him too well are now all gone.

Serial killer minds are very different then any other human being on this planet. The women who had become Mr. Bundy's targets all had the same factor in common. They were ladies who were in dire situations and in need of a good man. He made sure that he fit the profile that they were looking for and at times Ted appeared to be a real gentleman.

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