jeudi 18 juillet 2013

Lydia Sloley Is The Perfect Example Of The Supernatural Woman

By Danielle Galloway

Rev. Lydia Sloley does not just talk about empowerment; she embodies it. A woman battered by her Vietnam veteran husband, Lydia broke free from frightening and hopeless days through accepting Jesus Christ into her life in 1982. She received the gift of poetic-prophetic perspective and went on to be named a Prophet in 1997, and an Apostle in 2011. She has dedicated her life to empowering people through living Christ inspired lives.

A Graduate from the National Broadcasting School gave her the tools to start her own radio show, Life In Its Poetic Form. She later hosted a talk show she created with the same name as her radio station. Her show is about integrating Christian values into every day life so people live more inspired and happy lives. In Brooklyn, NY she is the lead pastor of Life in Its Poetic Form which she founded.

Rev Sloley has written five books that are comprised of her poetry based on her Christian journey and how she grew her poetic-prophetic perspective. She covers topics such as challenges, self-discovery, relationships, inspiration, and managing emotions through her poems. She holds Poetry Empowerment workshops for others to get the chance to use poetry as a way of expressing themselves.

Poetry is how she got her literature start which lead her to writing a novel in 2006 which is an inspirational book called The Fountain of Youth Called Truth. With this book she teaches the way of inner truth being expressed positively in outer beauty. Teaching her readers that if they follow the path of Christ they will achieve inner peace thus be in better physical health due to less stress.

Supernatural Woman is the next book Rev. Lydia is coming out with, expressing that with a Christ-mind you can live an empowered life. Living in the moment is her message telling woman not to stay in the past and repeat the same story. If you live as a supernatural woman you can free your mind, find peace, and create a life filled with purpose.

In 2012, Sloley focused her poetic talents on composing a song called Supernatural Woman. The inspirational verse is set to uplifting, melodic music and sung beautifully by talented vocalist Esprit Parker. The song speaks about the transformation of a woman weighed down by life, who breaks through to become the master of her life through Divine love. The song teaches that there are no life challenges that cannot be overcome through faith, love, and following Christian principles.

Lydia has created a website called Supernatural Lifestyles to empower and inspire women through living by Christian principles. The website store features downloadable talks on issues relevant to women of faith, and a downloadable version of the song Supernatural Woman. Visitors to the store can also purchase books by Rev. Sloley and even an attractive Supernatural Woman tee shirt. The Reverend does not limit her counsel to women only, and plans to expand the content on the website to include everyone.

Rev. Lydia Sloley will guest speak if given an invitation and has given workshops at corporations, schools, correctional facilities, and shelters for women. She travels preaching the word of Christ and is known to have empowering and enlightening words of wisdom. If you would like to get in touch with her you can through her website Supernatural Lifestyles.

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