mardi 2 juillet 2013

Buy A Red Turban For Style

By Freda Watts

Looking really smart and different at a formal occasion where Indian wear is the order of the day can be quite a task to achieve. If you are sure of yourself, however, opt for a red turban to complete your look and attire. Before you head to the nearest ethnic wear store, think of a few things such as the type, exact shade and the need to buy one in the first place. Once these considerations are thought out, you are ready to pick the head gear that can make heads turn.

You should be clear about the purpose behind buying the item in the first place. You need to know if you need it for a particular occasion, or for regular usage. It could also be for a series of events. The more limited or special the usage, the more exclusive should the piece be. After all, if it is exclusive, it will add a supremely classy touch to your appeal.

The above considerations are a must. If you need the turban for a few special functions, try and pick one that is of better quality, though it may also be more highly priced. Nevertheless, it might be a good investment for you.

Apart from the price, getting the right shade is also very important. You would be aware that there are various shades of the color red. The one that suits you best would be the one that matches your skin and also your personality.

For someone with slightly darker complexion, a maroon may be a better option. If you have extremely dark skin, on the other hand, avoid very light or bright shades of the color.

Head gear can look quite stylish if worn the right way. With either white or black formal suits, red head wear can look quite dashing. However, do not be apprehensive of donning the same with grey, dark blue, cream or mustard either.

A head gear such as this would look even more stylish when it has some prints on it, and when worn to a wedding or other formal occasion. However, if you are planning to wear it on daily basis or to a casual function, a strong print may do more damage than good. Be certain of the style that you think suits you well. Opting for plain or fine print is a safer option.

Be cautious about the occasion you wear the gear to. If attending a formal, Indian function, you could well make heads turn with your look and style. Landing up wearing it to a casual dinner or to work, thinking you would look dashing is a misconception. Tread these paths carefully.

If you wish to truly make a style statement, wear a red turban on formal occasions where it would seem correct to do so. Carry it with confidence and elegance. Do not be shy or conscious while wearing it. You will certainly make those around you and looking at you turn either in awe of you or be completely envious of you. Inappropriately worn, however, the same piece can cause you embarrassment too. So, be cautious and be stylish.

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