mardi 30 juillet 2013

How To Draw Cartoon Characters

By Maryanne Goff

Cartooning is a way of showing creative side of another being. It is through this medium that a person is able to express artistry. Below are some guidelines on how to draw cartoon characters with much ease. Employ these tips so you could sketch better caricatures.

The perfect way an artist can sketch caricatures is by using his own and personal style in sketching. The foremost materials you will need and use in sketching are paper and pencil. It is true that modern technology has given birth to caricature sketching through computers but remembers that sketching caricatures is a means of expressing thoughts onto paper.

Before you start the design, you may have to select which your favorite animation is. Thus, pick the one that you really desire to sketch. This is basic before you can easily learn how to put one on paper. When you pick the character you want to sketch, get a pencil and roughly trace the usual shapes of that character posture. Also decide, if it really is just going to be the face, or the whole body. A hustle free way to conduct this is to divide the body parts into curves, boxes, ovals and circles.

The animation come in respective backgrounds like a villain, heroin or hero. So, determine what type of an individual you want to draw so that you can sketch it with its related features. This would give a starting hint to your goal achievement.

The next thing you must do is to picture the correct character posture. If the one requires to be bold and courageous, it must probably have broad shoulders and have to be tall. Besides that an individual like droopy, should have falling shoulders to depict laziness and might be his head would be bent down.

Adding light pressure on your cartoon sketching decreases your use of eraser. You will just need to darken the lines once the entire sketching is completed. It will also help prevent smudging to appear all over the paper surface.

What is also good about sketching is learning something new for each sketching one creates. It is a great way of mastering the art form perfectly. Distortion in the cartoon figure can be of great help to the artist. Providing your drawings with some exaggeration adds more dynamic effects to them. With overstated distortion, your sketching can seemingly leap with life out of the screen or page. You must dedicate some time on analyzing which part of the body of your caricature you can make bigger than the rest; in order to deliver more emotional effect on your work.

Adding sensible colors to the cartoons is also another potential way of solving problems on creating emotions in the art form. Green hues added on the face can effectively present the character to be envious. The green color helps in easing the difficulty in drawing an envious look on the caricatures. Red, on the other hand, can help show that a character is angry; while yellow can make the character appear to be happy. Remember that colors have emotional and psychological associations that you can make use of. With the above mentioned details one could be able to know how to draw cartoon characters easily.

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