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The Nikon Cameras You Should Buy Today

By Mike Thompson

Nikon is one of the most well known manufacturers out there and for a good reason. Its range of compact and DSLR cameras delivers performance and image quality that is truly outstanding. In this article, we will be going through the best Nikon cameras available for purchase.

The Nikon D3100

This camera is designed for the beginner in mind and because of this, very user-friendly. Its unique selling proposition is that there is a Guide mode that gives on-screen advice, both graphically and by written words to explain the more jargon-related terms.

The camera's 14.2MP DX sensor allows the photographer to take some truly amazing pictures, whilst also giving you to ability to take full HD 1080p movies. The screen on the camera can also be used to accurately preview your shots and the 95% field of view optical viewfinder is useful in framing your shots.

The Nikon D5100

This is considered to be in the middle range as this camera has the same 16.2MP DX sensor of the higher range D7000. The obvious difference between the D5100 and the D7000 is its overall ergonomic design, which is easier to handle than the D7000.

The D5100 also has a variable angle screen that can be changed so that shots can be taken at very imaginative angles. There is also a built-in special effects mode that allow you to shoot still and HD movies, as well as incorporate miniature, selective color and silhouette effects.

The Nikon D90

Even though this line of camera is slightly antiquated, this is still a reliably good camera and is on sale for a very affordable price.

The D90 was also the first DSLR camera to be able to shoot HD movies (720p) and its 12.3MP DX sensor is more than capable of taking high quality pictures. It may be considered second rate, compared to the cameras of today, but this original camera has still managed stand the test of time.

The Nikon D5200

This DSLR is great for the more keen amateur who is looking for a small, versatile camera, as well as being a step up from the entry-level camera.

This camera is well built and takes pictures with great detail and with decent noise control, although there is a little bit of banding with pictures taken above ISO 3200.

The Nikon D3200

The logical improvement to the D3100, the Nikon D3200 features the better 24.2MP CMOS sensor and has the same processor as the one found in the professional Nikon D4.

Although seemingly advanced, this camera also retains the newbie friendly Guide mode, like the preceding D3100, but with improved features to these modes. The noise for this camera is excellently controlled in native ISOs (100-6400). However, the color rendering may not be exactly as it seems on the screen.

The Nikon D7000

This is the top end of the consumer bracket and the D7000 is considered to be almost at the professional range.

The D7000's sensor is also found the in the cheaper D5100 but the camera itself is stronger and more resistant to weather effects as well as some other perks. The 100% field of view optical viewfinder allows you to basically get an exact preview of your shot, the 39-point autofocus system is excellent for moving objects, the 6 frames per second is faster than most equivalent models and the shutter can survive up to 150,000 cycles allowing the D7000 to be used for a much longer period of time.

All in all, the best consumer Nikon DSLR would be the Nikon D3200 due to its appeal to amateur photographers, whilst still retaining advanced enough features to be useful to more advanced users. In any case, the right camera will ultimately depend on how much you intend to spend, your goals with that camera and how much time you can dedicate yourself to this hobby or passion of yours.

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