jeudi 4 juillet 2013

The Life Of A Musician

By Lori Buenavista

As a parent, you want to provide as much opportunities and learning activities for your child as you can. If you've enrolled your child in music classes, or are thinking of doing so, you've made a great decision. Understanding how to play a musical instrument will enrich your child's life in lots of ways: she'll come in contact with wonderful music, gain self-esteem, learn discipline and organization skills and even perhaps increase math skills, reading comprehension and artistic abilities.

If you enroll your son in Little League, you most likely don't assume him to try out for the New York Yankees as an adult. Though you've enrolled him in music lessons, you probably don't expect him to perform for the Boston Symphony, either. However, if your child continues with lessons in order to play well, he'll be a musician, which will contribute to his identity throughout life. Let's check out the ways in which your child could be a musician and what that might necessarily mean.

Like a musician who plays for himself, and those closest to him, he will play his instrument so as to bring himself happiness. He will play during periods of worry or trouble, and his music may help him work out his problems. He will play for his partner or better half, and his music will help him bond closer to that person. He may find another musician as a life partner; a person who knows the effectiveness of music in one's personal life. He will play music for his kids, and help them learn the significance of surrounding themselves with the wonder of music in their everyday life.

Like a music performer who teaches others, your youngster may choose a teaching career in music; either as a full-time teacher, or as a home-based business in addition to another job. She might teach music to kids in a school setting, where she'll help and encourage the next generation of musicians. She might put in lessons in her dwelling. As a part-time business, teaching music lessons offers her flexible working hours, the capability to pick her clients and a decent hourly salary. She might teach music at a college or university, where she will present her musical experience and knowledge, and make a thriving, enjoyable career, surrounded by other people who are teaching and learning music throughout their lifetimes. She may teach her very own children to play. The time she spends at this endeavor will bring her nearer to them, and enhance their lives.

Being a professional musician who plays for others, your son or daughter might go on to a professional career, actively playing music. He will inspire people of various age groups, who will tune in to his tracks, gain knowledge from it, relax to it and enjoy it. He will enjoy a profession that enables him to meet lots of people from a variety of backgrounds, and perhaps travel the planet. He will never stop learning as a professional musician, which means that his life will continually be filled with new problems, brand new experiences and new learning experiences.

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