jeudi 11 juillet 2013

How To Use Mole Traps

By Carmella Watts

Mole traps are among the most identified structures in the agricultural sector. They usually come into play when the question of trapping pests arises. However, they cannot be used for trapping just any pest. They are used for a particular animal known as the mole.

The main reason, as to why these traps are set, is to capture these species that are highly detrimental to plants. Some individuals may just capture them and then do away with them by throwing them away. Others however in some places take the opportunity to earn extra income. There are some individuals who usually eat the meat of these animals. As such, the people capturing them have an option of selling them at a good fee, to those people who consume these animals.

The animal in question is not one very large one. Much as it is harmful to the plants, it is least harmful to the people trapping them. It can only trouble them by evading the traps. It is a small creature whose fur color ranges from grey to brown. Its destructive activities ate accomplished by four very small but strong teeth. The feet also are small but have got nails which are attributed to the digging of the tunnels.

The structures used in ensnaring these pests are not elaborate. All they need is expertise in their use. Some individuals with much experience in the making of these structures may never purchase them at all. They only have to find some good wood, assemble it well and place it in the path of those animals. Some people however may not have much experience in the activity of constructing them. These ones may resort to buying theirs, though both are equally effective.

Identification of the presence of this pest is among the simplest activities for an experienced individual in the agricultural field. Given that they gnaw at the roots, the affected crops cannot access water and nutrients anymore. As such, they dry up. A farmer would go further to confirm their fears by listening to the very unique sounds produced by the gnawing activities. The traps are then laid in the path of those species, hence trapping them.

The use of these structures has got its own merits and demerits. The merits include the fact that through them, dangerous pests can be done away with. This ensures that the heath of plants is safeguarded and the produce amounts highly increased. Besides, the structure of the soil is maintained. Those who also sell them, get an extra source of income from hawking those animals.

However, they may be detrimental to the crops, but very instrumental to the soil structure. As the dig their tunnels along the soil, they normally aerate the soil. This improves the soil structure, and their removal interferes with the aeration. It may also be very stressing to the farmer is the structure fails to work.

Mole traps are among the best known structures to all farmers. This is because at any one point, the farm of at least every one of them must fall victim of their effects. As such, many farmers have learnt on how to make the traps.

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