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Different Styles Of Islamic Clothing Fashion Abaya

By Bonnie Contreras

An outer garment worn by many Muslim women all across the world but mostly in Middle Eastern and Asian countries is known as abaya. Its basically a full length gown with full sleeves so that entire body could be covered. The basic reason behind wearing such attire is to cover the whole body when a female person goes out in public. Islamic clothing fashion abaya is not limited to just one simple design because there are endless choices available out there.

There are many stylish abayas that you can opt for including embroidered ones, those with overlapping layers, zipper abayas as well as fully stitched ones. Usually women wear it with a head scarf and sometimes veil as well which covers the entire face but there are women who do not prefer to wear veil and only take head scarf. The commonly worn color is black but it is available in other colors as well.

Basically they are a certain kind of dresses which are worn by Muslim women on top of their regular clothing. The main purpose of wearing it is to cover your body as not to reveal any body parts because as Islamic law restricts women to protect their body from the all strangers but they can feel free in front of close family like father, husband, brother and son.

As the Islamic law states that women must dress modestly and should completely cover themselves so this clothing item has been an integral part of Muslim societies since many centuries. Some countries and states are more strict about such attire whereas other Muslim states are a bit liberal in their approach. There are countries like Saudi Arabia where it is compulsory for women to wear this attire but other Muslim countries like UAE or Pakistan have not made it compulsory for women.

They are typically accessible in dark color and exceptionally basic however these days they are accessible in numerous different colors too. Separated from accessibility in diverse colors, still numerous ladies want to wear dark ones as it looks exceptional on its own.

A limited number of non-Muslims wrongly assume that Muslim women are oppressed to wear such garment but this is not true at all. Many women out there who wear it because of their own personal choice and although the basic reason behind wearing it is to keep yourself covered but that doesn't mean you are restricted to wear stylish clothing or do fashion of your choice.

This type of clothing is being worn from many centuries and since its existence ladies have come up with their own new designs and styles. Therefore it all depends on your personal preference that how you want it to look like. When it comes to color, pattern, style and design the choices available are just unlimited.

It can be said that Islamic clothing fashion abaya is adored by many Muslim women because it not only covers up your body parts but also looks stylish on you. It depends on how you want to carry it an you can come up with your own choice of color and design.

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